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Punch Power


Just thought I would share a video of my friend Ritt's most recent fight. This guy has ridiculous power in his hands...


Awesome video, I like how the other guy was using his hands to set up kicks. Then that other guy just drops him with his fist, haha. Impressive work. Your friend has fairly impressive calves/legs for a fighter, must help him draw power from the legs up in a good punch?


Yes a lot of Thai fighters have huge legs, especially calves. It seems to be genetics combined with doing a lot of jumping rope, skipping on tires and kicking from a very young age (when you kick you should be up on your toes, apart from leg kicks).


Yeah, it might be genetics. I had huge calves before I had to work for them. Still, when you work a heavy-bag hard, you will feel muscular sore-ness in the calves, skipping (esp) running, so he probably had to work hard for them as well. I am a big fan of fighters with large legs, like David Tua. I had an inclination the guy with the huge legs was going to win, esp when the guy booted him in the chest and it barely seemed to phase him, haha.

They must also give you good stability when taking a kick like that. You see too many fighters with half developed legs/calves, this is a good example of why that might be a mistake!


Well it definitely is genetics, as most Thai fighters have a very similar training regime but they still have very different builds. Different fighting styles work better for different builds. For example, my friend Ritt punches and kicks very hard but isn't great in the clinch because he has a shorter build and shorter arms than some other fighters at his weight, so they have an advantage with leverage in the clinch.


impressive knockout power indeed.

I thought Ray Elbe was from Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team, btw hijacking the thread a little bit, how is going all that confusion about Tiger Muay Thai VS PTT?


Yeah Ray trains at Tiger, PTT is a different gym.


Damn, what a right hand. It didn't even looked like he really turned his body into that either.

Nice fucking punch.


There's a couple of threads on the UG about it.

Both sides of the story if you're interested. I'm not, hahah.


I`m just curious about how it ended.

There was even confusion regarding Huerta and Swick.


Yeah I really don't care about all that bullshit either. It gets labelled as a TMT vs PTT thing but in reality it's just beef between a couple of people, who happen to be at TMT and PTT. I have many friends at PTT and I'm friends with Huerta as well, it's not like there is a war between gyms.


What's his fighting weight?


I think now he fights at around 64kg


So about 140 in American :slight_smile:

Do most of the guys you train with fight at their natural weight, or do they cut like wrestlers/MMA guys do in the states?


It depends on the fight. These guys fight a lot (like 1-2 times a month or more). For small, local fights they won't cut weight a lot of the time. For big fights they will weigh in on the morning of the fight, and most of the fights are at catch weights.


I disagree with all being posted in this thread.Its only a proof of a low quality of the other fighter.The winner took so much time to wind up his punch and aim into the jaw without any reaction of his opponent.Not to say the winner doesnt pack quite a punch,but this heavy knockout its due to incompetence of the loser.


Don't want to sound rude, but you are obviously pretty ignorant about Muay Thai. His opponent is far from low quality. While not a big champion in Bangkok, he is a well respected fighter in southern Thailand, known for his kicks and knees. He did make a mistake and dropped his left hand that he paid for, but to call him low quality is disrespectful.


I dont know this fighter s record or reputation,but I just judge his ability from the video.The winner took so much time to wind up his right that he could as well put a stamp on it and send it via mail! It might be the case that the loser is well known and respected for his knees & kicks,but his defensive skills need a lot more work.


grabs the popcorn


Are you watching the same fight as me? Ritt was stalking his opponent, his opponent was keeping him at range with his left hand, looking to use his kicks (putting his glove in Ritts face so Ritt couldn't see the kicks coming). His opponent momentarily dropped his left hand, Ritt saw the opportunity and launched a quick right hand over the top. Slow down the video and look at it again.