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Punch Mitts...


So I have a pair of Title Micro panther mitts with the glove and velcro secure system to keep em on your hands. Tonight, as I was working with them, I noticed that they absorbed very little shock and actually weakened my wrists. I'm not sure what experience you guys have with catch/focus/punch mitts (i know they go by different names) but I never had this problem with the kind that uses a bump you hold onto inside of the glove. Are there any tips to holding this style of gloves or should I just get a different pair?


I have this kind of mitt & prefer them to the other kind - but I think this is because I have smaller hands & the micro mitt fits me better & therefore doesn’t slide around on my hand on impact.

Are you meeting the blow with a little popping forward movement of your own hand? This should mitigate a large portion of the force coming at you. If I’m working with someone who throws combinations I can’t follow well, so I can’t “pop forward” with my hand, I keep my hand tensed with my fingers slightly forward & tensed in a very slight claw like shape. Try that, & if it doesn’t fix it you may consider selling the mitts to someone with smaller hands.


Thanks Miss Parker. Noted and greatly appreciated. I’ll give this a shot, and hopefully don’t have to sell them.


I’ve got the standard Everlast ones. No problems with’em. They’re not curved out of the box, but when they get broken in a little I like them.

They don’t have much to keep them on your hands though- only drawback.


Try these. I use them with my boxing coach, and have a pair myself for when i work out with friends. They are slightly pricey, but they’re all leather, and have a curve that in my experience does help to protect your wrists a little more than the standard, flatter mitts.


I first bought my pair 3-4 years ago, and they are still in very, very good condition: IMHO sometimes its worth paying a little extra for long-lasting quality–like with Biotest stuff :slight_smile:


My coach swears by these


He’s an old school, trial by fire guy, and thus has arthritis and joint problems everywhere.

And yet, he’ll still whup my butt in the ring any day of the week.
Oh well, he says these are the only kind he can use all day and not pay for it later.


Thanks for all the input guys! I’ve been looking around a lot and found a pair just like the ones my muay thai coach used to have when he worked with us.


So right now it’s between those, and these…



Miss Parker’s advice holds true with just about any type of focus mitts. Personally I prefer the angled ones with the extra padding (bump in the palm as you called it) to the straight ones.

The most comfortable pair I’ve ever used were a pair of “ICON’s” that my instructor owns. Icon apparently made a specific model at the request of Joe Lewis (as well as a line of gloves, which are also awesome). Unfortunately, I’ve looked absolutely everywhere for this product and cannot find anywhere that they can be purchased (I honestly believe that they were a limited time deal and aren’t in production any longer).

I’ve got a pair of RingSide curved mitts which simply slide on and I think that they’re a pretty decent product for the money (mine were about $28).

But it somewhat depends on what you plan to do with them and how much you’re looking to spend. If you’re looking to do kicks, elbows, knees, etc… along with punching, then I personally like the “extended” or “long” focus mitts, like theses:


or if you wanted to go all out, these: