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Punch, Kick, Lift And Repeat


This will be my first training blog ever. I choosed this forum from two reasons:

I read posts here for a sometime and I see that there are many people here who know o lot about different trainings. Because my schedule is maybe a little bit confused I will maybe learn something from possible advices.

And a second reason – I must increase my English level. I apologize in advice for my spelling and grammar.

Experience: a few years the gym, sometimes crossfit, bicycle and running. A little bit everything and nothing good.

Three months ago I started training kickboxing and I am thinking that this is it.

So, my goals for soon future: learning kickboxing, increase endurance, flexibility and if this is possible strength and general shape. My weekly plan is as follows:

  • 2 times kickboxing in class (60min, light trainings)
  • 1 kickboxing with friends in Saturday mornings (90-120min, hard training)
  • 2 times gym, fbw training (120min, hard trainings)
  • 1 training in home (60min skip rope, shadow boxing, core and stretching, very light training)

Since three mount I training according this plan. For now it is everything. Let’s go !

ok, here I am.
I forgotten about this diary and this was huge mistakes. Now I would be had some probably useful tips or memories instead of a big zero. Fu#k that, now will be different :wink:
Since my first post I still train like I wrote before. For sure I have developing technicoue and also streng punches and kicks. Endurance is better too. I have not problem with a few rounds of sparrings like it was before. But my flexibility is on the same level. I know that I should spend more time on this zone but this is so boring…
Weights on the gym are still not impressing so I avoid mention about that.
Tooday was gym session: front squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press, dips and chins up.