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Pumping up


Hey guys, I got a different kind of question for you. I have a friendly competition with a buddy of mine to see who can look the best the day defore we go to Craven. Craven is a 4 day outdoor rock festival held from July 10-13. Anyway, the dieting and training have been good up to this point but I'm not sure what to do about the big day. We've recruited a couple women from the gym we used to go to as judges. My question is this: I know BB's get them selves pumped up by doing some weights before going on stage, but is there an ideal way to pump up? I'm thinking that a reverse pyramid with short rest peiods would work, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know where I can find a good pumping up routine for right before we have our show down?


You do realize there's actually articles and a magazine associated with this website don't you?

Sorry, not trying to be rude but read the Swolecat article. It's got everything you need. . .



SKman, Stu's right but let me help you out a bit. Pumping up I would just suggest you to pose a lot! practice that during pumping up phase. Also it depends on what you have also. Most pump up rooms in bodybuilding shows especially amature and even pro show's have crap as far as weight goes in the pump-up room So what I do is more or less some push-ups, band work and towel exercise. And I focus on posing also.

Hope this helps.

In health,

Silas C.


if you want something quick and easy and you dont want to deviated too far from the norm, one thing I have found real useful is to drink 8 oz. of wine, and then eat a scoop of all natural PB, wait about twenty minutes, then do some rep work with your upper body, except for tri's dont waste the pump though, so you have to time it up good, and make sure you dont do too much...


For the record, I don't think Swolecat uses the best, 'predictable' approach. It's old fashioned carb loading and many competitors will tell you, carb loading is often hit and miss.


Perhaps I should have been more clear. I'm not talking about the nutrition side of pumping up (carb loading etc.), I mean what is the best workout to do right before. I did read the Swolecat's article and the the Strut yo stuff thread, but I don't remember seeing any pre-contest/pre-shoot workout recomemdations to get your muscles really good and pumped.


I didn't expect that I would get to much feedback on this topic, because isn't exactly about training, but I appreciate the response. I also had few quick comments/questions.
Fitone, we're having our showdown in the U of R fitness center after it closes. We will show up shortly before close for a bit of a workout. I used to work there and I still know all the staff.
Janderstine: Why wine and PB and why not work tri's?