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Pumping Iron

I was searching for posts about Pumping Iron and if it was comming out on DVD and noticed that the results were posts that were almost a year old so I wondered if anyone had any updated info. Is it comming out on DVD?

I’ll happily check my “sources” and post again. There was a thread that was called “bodybuilding movies” or something that was pretty recent. Someone had posted that Pumping Iron on video was hard to find. I betcha the DVD may not be available.

I rent the video at blockbuster. I think amazon.com said something about no release date yet for a dvd.

Look on Amazon.com Search VHS for Pumping Iron and you come up with a numner of sources, for both new and used copies. You will pay 75.00 to 150.00 for a new copy. Hey, isn’t father’s day coming up?