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Pumping Iron Video

I just finished watching Pumping Iron, the video. I watched it years ago and have not been able to rent it or buy it. I heard on T-mag that copies were going for $200. Well, I waited and I bid on a new copy on ebay. I won the bid at $35. It is a new copy, sealed. It played excellent. I bought it for watching, not resale, but it is that good. They have been coming down in price over the last few months. If you haven’t seen this video, you need to add it to your collection. Too bad the bodybuilders of today don’t have the charm or physique that Arnold had. These guys looked much better than the bodybuilders of today.

Hey Bodz,
Congrats on scoring your PI video. Back in '98 I worked at a local Blockbuster while I was in college. The first couple of days on the job, I had to walk the store to learn the layout. As I was walking around the new release section I spotted Arnold, then the words Pumping Iron. I quickly scooped that bad boy up and fondled it like it had blonde hair. Looking up the history on the computer, I realized that it hadn’t been rented very often. I convinced my manager to let me buy it, provided I stop playing Striptease on the overhead TV’s. Let me tell you, I walked out that night eight dollars poorer. That was the best eight dollars I have ever spent.

Ramiro, you lucky dog. Or should I say ala Dan Duchaine… “you deviant dog you”.