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Pumping Iron : The Movie


I just saw the movie Pumping Iron for the first time.

I have to admit it felt good seeing people train with a little intensity (using both HITer and weightlifter definition) and dare I say... passion.

The guys didnt use textbook form and from the looks of it they "allowed" themselves to deviate from their programs. If Arnold challenged someone to do 2 extra reps - they didnt put down the weight and say that their program clearly prescribed otherwise.

What I also enjoyed was seeing Arnold and company eating at a restaurant like "normal" people. Sure they ate much larger quantities, but there was no bitching and moaning about such and such a meal should only contain 34.5 grams of carbs etc.

This is a far cry from the test tube environment that gym-goers now train in.

If you use any "body english" on an exercise you'll imidiately have a trainer or selfproclaimed gym expert telling you that you'll blow your back out. Its as if they'd rather see you in a ski squat position against the wall curling pink dumbells with perfect form.

Also in contrast - bodybuilding diets nowadays put you a whisker away from an obsessive compulsive disorder. Always calculating/ weighing every gram of food that you eat and timing it for windows of opportunity...

I know, I know, everyone is now using "scientific" appraoch to maximize their gains.

Oddly enough, with all the information we have now there were probably more strong and better built lifters using primitive methods than now.

And yes, I know they were on juice and that allowed them to get away with absolutely everything (read sarcasticly), but that doesnt explain the results produced by pre-steroid lifters.

Anyways, if any of you havent seen the movie already I'd recommend that you see it. The movie itself isnt that great, but its interesting to see how the gym scene has changed in the last 25 years.


There are people who do this?


I've seen pumping iron more than 20 times, maybe more, I pop it in whenever I need some motivation. Sure the methods have changed some but wtf. It is great to motivate you, so just enjoy it.



"Arnold Is Numero Uno."

"It's like I'm cumming all the time..."

I own this gem of the gym. And when I need some good laughs and even a little motivation, I'll pop it in.


My favorite movie of all time.



LOL..That never gets old :slightly_smiling:


The best part in the 20th year edition is when they do a follow-up interview with Arnold. I don't remember verbatim, but I think he said:

"Oh yes, and I DID inhale!" wink



I downloaded it for free off the net using Limewire. Sweet.

'I called my mother and I told her I won already. She said 'That's great Arnold'. (Arnold having breakfast with the Ferrigno family BEFORE the Olympia)

'Franco is like a child. I am his father. When he comes to me for advices, it's not too hard to give him the wrong advices.'


The other day I had a client who came in 10mins early. So I started straigt away. 10mins before the end of the session she jumps up and said "okay that's it"

I'm like "you're scheduled until the hr" and she said "no, we started 10 mins early, so we finish 10mins early"

So she left.

She's gonna get great results with her attitude.


What's everybody's favorite scene?

Mine's gotta be Corney squatting.

"C'mon, let's get serious."
"GodDAMN, Arnold."


She sounds like a soccer mom, but trust me - she's not the only person who does this.

My friend was in the middle of a 5x5 for squats and was lifting with authority. I told him to crank out a few more reps because it was too easy for him. He replied that he didnt want to exhaust himself because he still had a few sets left...

So yeah - people have become that anal retentive.


Mine's when Lou is performing a standing shoulder press and barks out Arnold's name between each rep.


Ken Waller hiding Mike Katz's t-shirt.


favorite scene:

when arnold is doing cable crossovers....yes I know its a crappy excercise and I personally dont do it...but he looked amazing after the set was done...


Arnold being told that the young bodybuilders will beat him because they are hunrgier than him because he's on top and Arnold replying "yes, but when you're on top and you want the food its there".

Also, Arnold telling Lou that his (Lou's) mum is going to bulk him (Arnold) up to 280 and then fix him up with Lou's sister - nice.


Actually I kinda do this myself. I keep a few reps 'in the hole' until my last 2 sets or so, then I just smash it until I can't anymore.


People like that should be drop kicked...regularly.


I just pictured a soccer mom looking lady saying that and then Prof. X come flying out of nowhere and dropkicking her.

I think that was the funniest thing I have thought about all week.


haha, amen.

"Pumping Iron" is also one of my favorites.


It's hard man X! Note sarcasm