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Pumping Iron Pun

I am a huge fan of the movie pumping iron so over the past weekend I shot a little video I figured on the T-Nation forums some of you will have seen the mocku drama. I wrote the script for this film and starred in it and some of my best friends who really shine in the film.

Please excuse the qualitry So here now is my badly edited and acted movie known as (try to stick with it at times the movie does lag a little but a joke here or there will get you back into it.
Pumping Iron: Warriors of the gym
part 1

part 2

p.s. besides all the horrible grammar I posted above I should explain the roles
Brandon Roberson: mix bewteen lou ferrigno and ronnie coleman
Greg Roberson (man in wheelchair): Brandon’s father Lou Ferrigno’s father
Turok Tucker: Frank Zane and Arnold

Damn. I did not expect to see scantily clad minors.

Mpf…children on these forums. Grrrr.

we were trying to dress as if in 70’s attire. And as goofy as mike katz and stuff didn’t mean to offend you or seem immature I just felt and my friends felt it added to the comedy.

haha funny shit!

Not bad not bad

thank you very much.