Pumping Iron is on Netflix

Thought y’all should know. Good reason to stay up late.

thanks for pointing this out, been forever since ive watched that and i never check net flix anymore cause it usually sucks. Ill have to make my girl watch it with me this weekend

was just watching it!

It’s been years. I think it’s time for a re-watch, and to think I used to watch it weekly.

I own it.

We watch it every year on the drive up to the Arnold Classic lol.

wow sick!!!

Just added it to my queue the other day.

This sounds odd but Pumping Iron was the first time…now hold on here, this’ll sound gay (NTTAWWT) but this movie was the first time I’d ever seen bodybuilders in motion…flexing and posing. Until I first saw it, and this was in 1991 or 1992, I’d only ever seen pictures in magazines.

[quote]CLINK wrote:
I own it. [/quote]

Me too the 25th anniversary edition, I also own pumping iron 2 here comes the ladies on vhs