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Pumping Iron Extras....


I was watching my disc last night and the making of section has some incredibly cool stuff that isn't actually in the film. They shot 100 hours of stock and the film is 90 minutes, so obviously there's a load of stuff that didn't make it in there. I'm sure many have seen it before (as have I) but it struck me how much camaraderie these guys had back then.

There's one really cool scene where Arnold is sitting around in Golds with Franco, Ken Waller and others and Arnold is busting Franco's balls about his side chest shot - "No Franco, not front chest! Side chest! (Franco turns to the side) AH! You see....things change a little bit when we turn to the side!" And they are all laughing their asses off. Just a great moment.

Also, the whole thing about how they finished financing the movie by having Arnold, Zane and Ed Corney do a posing exhibition at the Whitney museum - The muscular physique as art. They expected maybe 2,000 and over 5,000 people showed up. They were tossing the admission money on the floor because it wouldn't fit in the cash register!! The slowly spinning platform they stood on was really cool....

Another great outtake is at Arnold's bachelor pad - Waller is there with a bunch of other people, and Robbie Robinson shows up and a visibly drunk Arnold insists that he hit a front double biceps pose for some chick - he's slurring his words, holding a bottle of booze and corrects himself after saying "front shot".....very funny.

And the scenes of him at Reg Park's house are great. Awesome to see Reg on film looking thick and big, hanging with Arnold.

Anyway, it's really cool shit if you've never seen it, you should check it out. : )


I have that same disk! There are a LOT of extras on it.

I agree about the camaraderie. Not quite the same today I don't think.
Watching Pumping Iron as a teen left quite an impression on me. Watching it after all these years brings back those same feelings I had so long ago.


The stuff where they are eating at the restaurants, hanging out at the beach....and the clothes, haha awesome.

Parties at Arnold's place would have been EPIC


I'd love to see some of the extra scenes, I'll have to get the DVD


yeah i liked all that stuff. Having Aronld admit to a lot of the lies he said in the film was kind of a buzzkill. The funeral, cumming, etc. Boooo! The rest was great.

They should of put an hour featurette on there of them training. That would be epic.


The extras on the dvd are awesome, just the era in time they were in and the lifestyles they had with their sport, damn! haha!


I like the 20yrs later introspective piece the only guy still in shape was Lou, Anold had just had his heart surgery and it was before T3. Lou hits a single bi and Arnold says "easy Lou" love that


There was an article about Lou in the May 2010 edition of the LEF magazine. Guy is still doing his thing.


Arnold says the football field scene where Ken Waller claims he's going to hide Mike Katz's shirt was filmed AFTER the competition, then he points out the absurdity of a bunch of bodybuilders tossing around a football, lol.


Still my favorite I think he looked better than Arnold, I feel they gave it to him because he was Arnold.


The scene at Arnold's pad looked amazing. What fun it would have been to hang out with those guys! Train all day, hit the beach and then party at night. What a life!! : )


I think Arnold had Lou beat in almost every area. Arms especially.


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Lol....must have been legendary. Arnold's wearing shorts and a t-shirt and just looks so fucking huge and lean - there certainly have been much bigger, but for my money that guy's physique had something very special.


That bunch of guys.. Arnold, Franco, Katz, Robinson....what a group of ideal physiques.


Totally agree. Monumentality and grace all rolled into one. No way Lou was better.


Agreed. I think Katz was built a bit funky, but the dude was huge. Arnold, Robbie - even Waller, who I think had a really balnced, thick physique - just had really nice shape to them.

Not to mention Corney and Zane.


I will say that Lou did look really great - awesome arms, tight midsection, thick yoke and nicely balanced - but IMO Arnold was the man. That chest looks like it's about 4 miles across...lol...


Oh yea - that other deleted scene, on the mountain where they are talking about what shots Arnold will hit to counter Lou. He hits a most muscular and they're all like "Nice" and I think it's Zabo who says "Great - looks great. Don't worry - no one will look at the legs!" - and they all laugh.

Little personal moments like that are just great..... : )