Pumping Iron DVD

The reason why I am fucked up since I was a kid has ben re-released on DVD. PUMPING IRON!Of course its great. I’m just writing this post to say ARNOLD DOES mention STERIODS. He even says non-chalantly that he took “3 Dianabol a day” in the special interview feature. I’m assuming these were 10mg tabs he was referring to.

I’m watching it tonight! I’ve never seen it before, just clips, so I’m really pumped!

Oh my God. Arnold used STEROIDS!?!

Yo its the fuckin shit! Those guys looked awesome! Its a fuckin classic. !!! Those guys were strong as fuck and had awesoem skin ( im not a queer, but compared to todays bodybuilders, their skin looked great)

Is it worth the money for the extra’s?

( im not a queer, but compared to todays bodybuilders, their skin looked great)

A new show just aired…It’s called “Queer Eye For The Bodybuilding Guy”
sorry, could’nt resist bro.

I just saw it on the network awesome movie. a t-mag classic haha

I bought it off ebay a few months ago, It rarely leaves the DVD player in my bedroom, that movie is my lullabye. I’m here to say that there is a direct correlation to muscle growth and having “Pumping Iron” on whilst nearing slumber.


ok, I almost cummed on myself when I saw this post…is it finally out??

Where can I get the Pumping Iron DVD???

I bought it on Amazon. came to about 15 bux or so with shipping.

I should be getting it end of the week I’d guess.

Saw it once and loved it. Where can I buy the DVD?

I bought it at Best Buy yesterday for $9.95 - it was a special deal in conjuction with T3 for $15.95 or something.

Now, on to the good stuff. The extras include a 2003 interview with Arnold, outtakes from the movie, and “Raw Iron: The making of Pumping Iron”. I think the extras are worth it. Included in that are some snippets of some of the guys from the movie at the Arnold Classic last year. A lot of them look quite healthy, albeit much smaller. Ferrigno was still a huge, juicin’ monster though.

What amazes me is that the film starts 101 days out from the 1975 Olympia. You never see any of these guys covered with zits or showing any sides. Arnold looks totally awesome through the whole thing. What a difference from bodybuilding today. Maybe it’s true as Robby Robinson told Lats that they only took mild doses of steroids (400-600mg/wk). I dunno. Awesome.

I also liked the part where Franco is on the flat bench, cranking out reps with 315, misses, and just sits there for a minute with it on his chest while Arnold laughs at him. I thought he was done, but then he lifts it off his chest no problem. Amazing.

yeah, i watched it again yesterday. their proportions is what makes them awesome. they look “natural” compared to the guys today. I persoanlly desire that look. They dont look like a bag of chemicals. I believe they had a solid foundation and supplemented with low dosages of juice, which is why they look incredible. After watching the video I beleive the guys of today rely too much on steriods and don’t pay attention to sculpting anymore. People these days just try to “get big” without paying attention to the art of it. The golden day body builders look big because of MUSCLE MATURITY, not tape measure or scale.

now guys keep the fag comments down the “gay bashing police” are out in drag.

OK went out and bought it at BestBuy with the T-3 Deal comes to a total of around 23.00 with tax. Can’t beat that. Showed the old pros and what they look like now. Funny how good Lou still looks in comparison to all the others, that man must be blessed. Worth the money spent plus you get the bonus materials.

does bonus material include never before seen bong rips?

no, but it does show Mike Katz offering up bj’s to get his t-shirt back…