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Pumpin Iron 2

Does anyone know if the new addition of Arnold’s movie “pumping iron” has been released? I cant find the original anywhere. Any other good videos worth picking up?

Pumpin Iron 2 was released not too long ago, but it focuses on womens bodybuilding. I think they still have at amazon.

Actually, Arnold is re-releasing Pumping Iron and adding a lot of cut footage. This may have been what the original poster was talking about. TC was talking about it in reader mail a few issues ago.

Go to ebay. They always have original copies still in shrink wrap. I picked up my copy for $30. Probably could get one for less. There is one going for one penny right now. But will end up at probably $20 or so.

Didnt somebody mention in a post like this a few months ago that HBO would be playing pumping iron or a new arnold series or something sometime in the near future. has anyone heard anything more about this?