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Pumped Up Before Workout, Bomb Early

does anyone ever get so pumped up/nervous before a workout that their energy levels just bomb after the first exercise?

Nope…sounds like you weren’t physically ready to train.

You have to keep your calm before you workout, so you don’t use up all your energy. Think of a competition, you don’t want to get all amped up during your warmups backstage.

I’ve done that before. Not frequently, but it has occurred.

this happens to me very often at track meets. im a thrower, so my first event ill get psyched up like crazy and do fine. only problem is that an hour later when im throwing the other implement im so dead.

i havent found a way to combat this yet. Im thinking about taking that 5 hour energy burst next season. either that or im just going to throw normally in the prelims and then in the finals get psyched.

what does a typical workout look like for you (warm up sets, etc)? also, do u listen to music? i enjoy both hip hop and techno. I find techno pumps me up more though, so on all my warm ups i listen to hip hop and kinda just “cruise” threw them.

once i hit 1-2 warm up sets away from my working weight ill put the techno on and have a real high intensity set. theres no need to psyche yourself up for a warm up set thats 50% of your work weight.

It will happen to me if I try to shorten my days off between similar workouts. I feel great after a workout and tell myself that I don’t need the days off before my next and it usually doesn’t work. I’ve actually had some of my best workouts when I have felt like shit, literally diahrea, but I’ll break pr’s.

Focus your energy on the weights or whatever your doing instead of getting wild and running around all crazy, if that’s in fact what you mean by pumped up.

I use Defranco’s for skinny bastards. I also play basketball, so this could have something to do with the energy levels. Im also a type one diabetic. I guess I have a lot of stuff that could effect energy levels.

When I listen to music I only listen to metal. alot of thrash metal, slayer, nuclear assault, metallica. Anything loud and chaotic with good riffing. This doesn’t happen alot, but when it does, it’s a bitch.