▶️ Pumped Strength - The Arm Workout

Most lifters train their arms like their abs: light weight, high reps. But the heavier, more demanding exercises have the loudest muscle-building signal. Actually, both heavy compound exercises and isolation exercises have value, and both should be part of your arm workout.

High reps lend themselves to a great pump, but heavy arm training will thicken your biceps and triceps (even after the pump is gone) and support strength gains for major lifts. Both approaches to hypertrophy are essential to maximal arm development, and you’ll see them in these supersets.

Brandon Rynka
Narrated by Dani Shugart

00:00 Pumped Strength: The Arm Workout
00:09 Dip & Chin-Up Superset
00:30 Triceps-Focused Bench & Curl Superset
00:52 Heavy Barbell Curl & Band Curl

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