Pump Supplement Suggestion?

Hey. After stupid 4 week cycle, 7 months ago (never again ofcourse) I am back, in best shape I’ve ever been so far, I wanted to ask - I have been using N.O. Xplode (new one) as my preworkout , have had 3-4 packages emptied totally, It is working the best for me, had tried C4 etc, but XPLODE does the best for me. The best thing that I like about it, is not exactly the Caffeine punch that it gives (150MG per 1 scoop) but the incredible pumps due to its ingredients like arginine, malic acid etc.

Could anyone suggest a good, even natural if possible thing to increase the pump, so I dont have to use the XPLODE ? Except carbs, as I make sure to get atleast 40g 1h before gym.


not sure I understand the question. Can you tell us which ingredients Xplode has in it that you’re trying to avoid? And are you just looking for a supplement that makes you feel a pump more, or are you looking for something that will help make you bigger/stronger from your workouts?

Reps and leanness.

Perfect world get some Plazma. If not karbolyn type products, citrulline malate and beta alanine all good stuff

Yeah, so there are no products containing citrulline malate and alanine together ?

My strenght with xplode went up about 20 %, maybe even 30. Now I started loading krealkalyn too, more reps aswell in first week. My only concern about NO XPLODe is the caffeine, as I have arrhythmia, I dont want to ruin my heart by using it too much :frowning:

That’s crazy, if you double dose it you may get up to 60% stronger.

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Yes my big boy, a 10000 too.

S22 injectable sarm. Injected bilaterally after each workout in to each individual muscle.

You will have pump for atleast 3days which gives you enough recovery to smash that same set of muscles.

You end up building pump on top of pump stretching and micro tearing the facia of the muscle allowing you to grow bigger and stronger quicker.

Smarter training with techniques like partials, static holds, long TUT, and/or high to very-high reps. This 12-week program is literally designed for maximum pump.

Have fast-acting protein and carbs during training, not just an hour before. Plazma is the best choice there.

Surge Workout Fuel.


I’ll second everything Chris said. If you’re specifically training for the pump, exercise selection/technique are going to be far more important than any particular supplement. And the results will be better too.

Plazma is my preferred workout supplement. I drink it for every workout.

And then Surge Workout Fuel is also excellent, and fits what you’re looking for. If Plazma didn’t exist, I’d probably use Surge Workout Fuel and Mag 10, or the Surge Workout Fuel and Surgery Recovery, or something along those lines.

The point being, biotest makes a lot of really excellent supplements that probably do exactly what you’re wanting. And the products listed above don’t have caffeine.

Ye, I just always take 2-3 week break after each Preworkout 30 serving supplement, to rest, detox from all that crap…
Alright, Iļl look into that , thanks !