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'Pump' Exercise for the Back?


What exercises do you guys use to get a pump in your lats and traps? The point is to have an exercice as a "feeder set" for my back, just as I do lunges for quads and machine press for the chest.

Thank you.


pull downs..rows...shrugs...face pulls..


Rows...anytype you can think of. I'm serious, from any angle any position. My favorite are bosu-ball, reverse, behind-the-neck, isometric pull ins, with a 13 second contraction phase and a negative second eccentric.

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Seated cable rows are a nice finisher.


I usually pull up the fat girls that fall off the bikes. I get a good "pump"


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Make sure to try one of these after basic, heavy (ok using just the right weight at the lower rep spectrum of the hypertrophy range 6-8) exercises:

-Rope pulldowns or pullovers.
-Machine row.

I find them perfect for "the pump" and way less demanding than basic exercises for that purpose, the lack of demand on CNS is the reason why they should be after basic ones. If you're those "iso is for pussies!" guys any kind of row or pull is ok.


High rep rows. I get a freakish pump in my traps.


seated cable row, hammer strength row, any machine row, straight-arm lat pulldown, rear delt machine, chest-supported shrugs.


By 'feeder' set do you mean 'prior to' or 'after' the primary??


i took "feeder" as the OP's pre-pump kind of idea..

and in tha case do any pulling movement you want that isnt one you want to go heavy on, before i do a back day, i usually do some face-pulls, pull ups and hold at the top, and long set of BOBB rows...


Feeder set?

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haha theres enough new terms coming out all the time as it is

for me (after any activation stuff for bad shoulder and such), i start with light rows(widish grip, flaring/pulling elbows up rather than along side my body, and pulling the bar close to my chest

this helps warms up my shoulders, and i'll just keep increasing in weight and once it starts to get too difficult i'll add more weight and start my rows etc


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