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PUMP classes for aerobic training?

Has anyone used PUMP aerobic classes for aerobic training during fat-loss phases? Last saturday I tried it for the first time in my life and it was a killer. Towards the end of the session I had to drop weight from the bar so much that I was using less weight than some ladies half my size there :-/ I definately am not a beginner in the gym and for example I can use over 400 kg in the leg press, but I could barely manage 10 kg in the squat there :slight_smile: I had v-e-r-y shaky legs after the session…

Would this kind of training be a good substitute for a regular aerobic training during fat-loss phase? Or would it be too much for the muscles to handle? Of course you have to have a few days rest after that, since you go through the whole body.

Anyone tried this? What are your experiences?

Its funny how they call PUMP aerobic exercise…everytime i walk by they are lifting weights…last time i checked lifting weights is anaerobic…so as far as being a good aerobic workout…uhhhh no…but as far as dropping bodyfat…well it would be better if you lifted real weights and rested 45 seconds inbetween sets and busted your ass…as far as aerobics i would do sprints, jogging, swimming, etc. 15-45 minutes a day…but thats me…good luck

I would agree with rob… but the point that yes Body pump is an anaerobic activity… Sprinting is also a anaerobic activity rob not aerobic! running at a constant heart rate over a long period of time is an aerobic acitvity.

Body pump is a great way to supplement your work outs… Its Series of execrise with little or no rest in between. And it would be a great supplement for a lifting day but not an aerobic day.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never said that sprinting wasnt anaerobic where in the hell did you get that from…anyways i guess i dont know about the whole pump thing replacing a workout since i have never done it or watched it…all i know is i bust my ass in the gym to get big…and to get ripped i watch my diet and up the intensity in my sets with fewer rest intervals and hit the sprinting…but thats just me…later