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Pump Action Guns


I need an all action arm workout that will leave the client pumped.
A client that has formly trained with a top notch personal trainer has been passed to me as his current PT is leaving.
I need to prove myself to this man in an hour session this friday.... his goal his hypertophy, but wants to train his arms with me to see what im all about.

My idea for him wouldnt hit hypertropy in the most effective away but this is the skeleton idea i had :
Seated dumbell curl 8 - 10 reps
no rest
Standing barbell curl 12 - 15 reps
no rest
Standing cable curls 15 - 20 reps

Skull crusher 8 - 10
no rest
Cable pull down 12 - 15
no rest
Dips 15 - 20/ failure

My goal for this free session is to leave his arms pumped and feeling fat. And to win him over.

He doesnt like cardio and wants to feel as tho his arms have been beasted.

Any suggestions or ideas about my orginal idea would help me.

Many thanks



Joking right?


that depends if he can actually do it lol


Ive got every faith in him being able to do as the weights can drop.....however i want to beast him. So he can really feel his arms pumped and he gets to the point where is arms cant actually handle the weight due to the pump.
If anyone has a different idea then let me know, id be interested to know.

PS No im not joking


If you're going to do a single muscle superset like that for the biceps you need to vary it more. There's almost no difference between a Seated curl, standing and cable. His biceps will just be tired at the end but it would be the same if you did bicep curls and just did drop sets.

Do exercises that focus on the surrounding muscles as well, I prefer it like this:

Reverse Dumbbell Curl 8-10
Dumbbell Curl 8-10
Alternating Hammercurls till Failure.

Because you're starting with your weakest lift first it also allows you to use the same set of dumbbells throughout the superset because your biceps tire as you hit the easier lifts.


I like it, i actually like it alot. Im going to do it myself tomorrow and see how it goes. I take it the tricep part was fine tho?

Thanks for the help.

Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated


I would superset a bicep move with a tricep move, short rest and repeat. I think skull crushers 1st supersetted with DB curl x 3-4 sets. Then close grip BP superset with hammer curls x 3-4 sets.



Mechanical drop sets are the hardest torture you can inflict on your arms.

For Biceps:
Using the SAME barbell, go from the hardest exercises to the mechanically easiest
1-3 sets
1A)6-8RM Steep-angle preacher curl OR Prone Incline Curl x 6-8:

1B) 45-degree preacher curl x 6-8

1C) Standing Barbell Curl to failure

1-3 sets
2A) Skullcrusher x 6-8

2B) Excentric skullcrusher to concentric CG bench press

3C) CG bench press to failure

He'll be sore for the rest of the week.






ya brah, i got somthin for ya

no rest
no rest
no rest
no rest

feelin pumped yet?


How about send him to this thread, then he won't have to pay someone who can't put together an arm routine. He'd be even more pumped about that.


LOL zing!


ROFL, that's funny shit. I actually laughed out loud and I don't do that often.


Mechanical Drop Sets will tear that shit up.

Any Curl Variation:

Pronated Grip EZ Bar - 6-8 Reps
10 sec rest
Supinated Grip EZ Bar - As many as possible
10 sec rest
Neutral Grip EZ Bar - As many as possible

Rest 90 secs

Same Grip Rotation, But do it next with DB, then Incline DB


Ouch! While there's a lot of truth to this, he might just be starting as a PT and doesn't have a lot of experience. I mean the guy has to start somewhere and he's at the right place to learn...at least he posted a routine instead of just blatantly asking for a free pass.


Yes fact of the matter is i am new to personal training. Although ive trained myself for many years i know what works for me....trying to win a client over that has trained for over a year with a successful PT puts pressure on my knowledge as i need to work him harder for this one hour than he has ever worked before. Hence i came here to ask..... I thank the people that have answered positively and given me advice.

As for mr curl rest curl rest curl rest.... Tell me, from your extensive tool bag of exercises give me 10 exercises that use the biceps as an agonist and not a synergist which are not curls????

Once again thanks too Nyral, SarevOk


Definitely lol'd at that.


This is pathetic.

Isn't your job as a personal trainer to help this guy achieve his goals?

Why don't you give him a program that works instead of this crap that you posted?


Because some clients are fucking stupid Goodfellow...
From what I understand the OP's client goal is actually to get a pump and be sore! That's how he probably thinks a workout should be.
If the OP can prove to his client that he can easily provide that, only THEN will he have a chance to actually educate the guy properly about training.