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After reading about this technique in a book on developing shoulders & arms, I am wondering if anyone had tried any thing similar in their training. The authors called it “Pulsing” and described it as: Pulsing is holding a movement at the top it’s range of motion, then moving back and forth, about one to two inches, keeping constant tension on the muscle being exercised. This tiny movement pumps the muscle. An example would be performing Tricep Push-Downs, taking the elbow to a lockout and then bending and straightening within a range of one to two inches.

It would seem that pulsing would give the muscle quite a pump. I was thinking that one could use it for almost all exercises (deadlifts and squats may not be the best of choices) including dips, chins, pulldowns, rows, curls, all types of presses, leg extensions & leg curls, calf raises, etc. Another possibility would be to alternate between one regular full-range of motion rep, followed by a rep that ends with pulsing for 4 or 5 times before completion, and then alternating back and forth in this manner until the set is completed.

Has anyone ever heard of pulsing or used a similar technique in their training?

He, he - “Pulsing”? This is basically just a rehash of the old concept of partials and/or “burns”. Nothing new here, but have in mind that any concept in which you take the muscle beyond concentric failure should be used sparingly to avoid overtraining…


This technique is usually called burns, and Larry Scott relied on this to win the first 2 Olympias.

Burns? I never heard of this before. How did Larry Scott use burns to build himself up? Can you tell me where I can read or learn more about how to do “burns” in working out? I assume its called that because it builds up lactic acid and the resulting sensation in the muscle being worked.

PULSES!!! Jeeesh. This is right up there with the ab roller and soloflex. It was a fad thing. It doesn’t work. Sure it pumps the muscles full of blood, but it doesn’t cause damage to the muscle. Eccentric motion does. Full eccentric motion. If it did increase muscle size, permanently, not temporarily, then you could do a mentzer one set of 20 reps and go show off your beach muscles. Then when the pump goes away, and you become a mere mortal again, you’ll see. Nada. Nothing. THE ONLY THING PULSES ARE GOOD FOR IS WHEN YOU ARE GETTING A BLOW JOB. KEEP IT PULSING…OH, YEAH, FEELS GOOD.