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Before you pull your flame throwers outs let me just say I am not planning this cycle, just playing with ideas in my head.. I've personally had some nice results with bills two weekers and it got me thinking about what if they were even shorter with very little time in between.

I wonder how the hpta would respond and what the gains could be like if one were to try something like

Friday, Sat and sunday - 100mg anavar morning only
Monday - 20mg nolva and 50 mg clomid
Tues, wed, thursay - no drugs

Continued for say 12 weeks (that's about 5 weeks total of being 'on')

And fo the more avanced users something like:

Friday - 300mg test suspension, 50mg tren ace, 100mg anadrol, 100mg oral winstrol
Saturday and Sun - 100mg test susp, 100mg drol, 100mg winny
Monday - 60mg nolva, 150mg clomid, 25mg aromasin
Tues wed thurs - off

Could even throw in some GH, slin, peptides on the off days

Continued for 12 weeks. I know consist blood levels anecdotally play a big role in gains, but on a weekly bases you're still getting in some very nice total amounts. And hopefully still preventing your pituatry from completely going into hybernation and preventing our little leydig buddies from dying off.

I'm far from an endocrinologists so this is just speculation. One of the things that got me thinking about it is that I have lot more time to train longer on the weekends, so being able to hit long sessions without worrying about overtraining, lowered test, increased cortisol on the weekends and not feeling guilty for being on cycle and only squeezing in half an hour some days during the week.

The high dose orals are also not going to cause the CUMULATIVE build up of toxic bile like they do on lower dose longer bouts of their use... But of course the toxity is still an issue and shouldn't be taken lightly.

I know it sounds messy and traditional cycles have definitely proven their efficiency, but my point is that just because something works doesn't mean it can't be better. Imagine they said "if it aint broke don't try fix it" about motorcars... We'd all still be rolling in model t fords. In the 80's it was commonplace to pyramid up and down with low doses and little time completely off even if they were just supplementing with 10mg of 'the breakfast of champions' dbol... Theses its quite the opposite with frontloading and oral kickstarts and oral backloading to avoid a taper offs...

Anyway this isn't something that I'm trying to push, its just one of the many tangents my ADD brain follows when I should be working...

I'm really keen to here any opinions from anyone that's was actually bored enough to read through that :slightly_smiling:

Fanof :slightly_smiling:


Waiting for Walkaway's response.


I would imagine your blood levels would be insanely all over the place just asking for crashing and mood swings espeacially with something like Susp


Pulsing isn't a new concept but that is not pulsing....it is a waste. If shorties worked for you and are in line with your expectations why deviate? If you're interested in a little gains on a semi regular basis while being very conservative..... The theory is sound and doesnt need tweaking.

A more aggressive 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, 4 to 6 off would be better than what you're proposing and still stay within the goal of modest gains with lessened suppression. Pulsing is geared towards strictly performance enhancement anyway IMO...not real physique changes.


Obviously you have no idea about anything.