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Pulsing with Only Hydrolysate Casein?


Hopfuly this thread doesnt get removed this time as im not trying to advertise a competitors products just trying to find info on the above, Hydrolysate Casein.

Now obviously this is the main ingredient in the MAG-10 but its too damm expensive to buy here in the UK. Could i pulse fast using Hydrolysate Casein or are there added products in Mag-10 that make it work?

Again, hopfully this doesnt infringe on T-Nation forum rules.


There is citrulline malate and extra leucine in MAG-10.


I hear you brother! This is the biggest drawback for UK residents. CH is available here in the form of Pepto-Pro (I assume you know where to get it) who have the CH patent, i.e. it is the same product found in Biotest versions - albeit with some additional ingredients.

CH is sufficient for pulsing purposes. Individual aminos, etc, can also be sourced and added if required. I, for one, would love to be able to afford Biotest products. However, consuming CH on its own is still a win win situation, i.e. elicits hyperaminioacidemia, and is much more affordable.


Same man, im serious about my training and all but you have to draw the line somwere! T-Nation do a awsum job with articles and the info here is invaluable, if they brought there products to the UK and the price was inline with the other top bands id be all over it!

Id like to try it some time, wonder if anyone here has attempted it??


How much leucine and Citrulline malate wud i need to add if i wanted to pulse it every 2 hours?


I currently use Peptopro with all workouts as I have run out of Anaconda and MAG-10. Being a UK resident like you I cannot afford to get some more at this moment in time. I do however mix it with Surge Workout Fuel.

Coincidentally enough I "pulse fasted" with CH with extra leucine for the last few Sundays. I tend to use 1/2 a scoop (10-15g CH roughly) and a tsp leucine for each pulse, 7-10 times a day depending upon training. I also add some basic electrolytes to this.

I have had great results with this. And I assume it's the next best thing if MAG-10 isn't available.

Definately give it a go.


I too am from the UK, and though I have bought Biotest's Anaconda and MAG-10 in the past I cannot at the moment afford it. I make do mixing CH with Surge Workout Fuel.

Coincidentally I have pulse-fasted the last few Sundays. I use 10-15g CH plus a teaspoon leucine for each one. And add a small amount of citrulline malate (roughly 15g) to the whole bottle (mixed in a big 3L bottle).

I find this has worked great, and although I would prefer to do it with Biotest supps, beggars can't be chosers.


Sorry for posting the same thing twice. It didn't seem to post first time up.


Thats awsum, nice reply.

Im deffo gunna give it a shot but keep the CH for pulse fasting and stick to whey for post workout and thru the day as the CH is still expensive compared to regular stuff.

Thanks again


Hi Apdavies.


Why wouldn't you use Whey Hydrolysate over Casein hydrolysate? There both fairly hypo-allergenic right and considering Whey is a lot cheaper I don't see why Casein Hydrolysate is superior. Is the difference really that dramatic?


Well Peptopro/MAG-10 are both completely hydrolyzed AND instantized so that does contribute to the price differential too.

But I agree, from what info I have seen from a price to benefits perspective it doesnt seem like CH is worth it over WH. Where I was looking WH = $9/lb and CH = 18/lb.

The amino acid profile of CH is slightly better than WH but not much.

The only thing I can think of, IF CH is really that much better for muscle growth, is that it has a significantly greater percentage of di/tri peptides.... Thoughts anyone?


Believe Peptopro is standardized to at least 80 % di- and tripeptides. Peptopro is also double the price of other Casien Hydrolyslates cough Peptopro = $25-29/lb Cough. I'm not really sure what makes it superior ( low molecular weight? extremely stable?), but T-Nation is always ahead of the curve so I could only assume it's worth the cost.

Guess In my original post I should of said... If your not using Peptopro Casein hydrolysate why wouldn't Whey Hydroslyate be the logical choice from other Casein Hydrolyslate (not peptopro)?

EDIT --> I was terribly wrong straight from the Peptopro site "It consists of ~85% protein. Molecular mapping indicates that ~7.5% is free amino acids, ~8.5% is dipeptides, and ~39% is tripeptides."