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Pulsing with BCAA Structured Peptides

In your opinion, how might pulsing with BCAA structured peptides (20-30 grams) compare to Mag-10 pulses? Is the primary differences in the carbs and electrolytes. Do you think it would produce a comparable leucine spike? I count 4.5 grams of leucine in 20 grams of BCAAsps.

EDIT: I noticed that Mag-10 is casein hydrolysate while BCAAsps are whey hydrolysate. Any idea why that matters. Also I noticed that when you wrote about pulse feasting, you personally were training in the early evening. Since you have been recommending morning training recently, would you consider putting your large meal earlier in the day and pulsing in the PM?

Mag-10 is a full protein, EAAs and BCAAs are not. Pulsing with a full protein (that is absorbed fast enough) is a metric ton better. EAAs and BCAAs can trigger anabolism BUT they don’t provide the full spectrum of amino acids to take advantage of that anabolic state.

So pulsing is much better with Mag-10 especially if you are not having solid meals during the day (e.g. pulse feast)

I am referring to the BCAA structured peptide supplimental derived from hydro lived whey. It is about 48% BCAAs in do and tripe pride form and 52% other AAs.

Yes, it has more amino acids than typical BCAAs and EAAs formulas so they will work a lot better. But my first choice for pulsing would still be Mag-10.