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Pulsing / Tingling in Quad when Injecting?


Sometimes, 3 out of ever 5 times, when I inject, and physically insert the needle in my thigh, I feel a large throbbing/pulsing and i get pins and needles down my leg. I often ignore it and everything returns to normal after the shot. Today, when I experienced this, but when I removed the needle a fair bit of blood followed (darker in color so feeling its not arterial). It clotted after a few mins so I am not so worried. But it did get me thinking of the pins and needles (almost ‘dead leg’ sensation) and throbbing were maybe bad - perhaps a sign that I should pull the needle out and go into a different spot (Something I am always anxious about doing). ?

I am pretty lean injecting 1ml med with a 1inch 23g needle. I inject pointing straight down, about 9 or so inches from the pelvic bone


Sounds like you are hitting some kind of nerve. I inject between the middle and just above the “Tear drop” when I inject quads, I don’t even feel it.

I personally tell everyone to avoid quads. Ventrogluteal is my favorite spot ever followed by delts. Ventro is all I use these days.

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Interesting. What size needle are you using?

27 gauge 1/2"

Which muscle of the quad are you injecting? By pointing straight down are you meaning the top of your leg? If so, that’s the rectus femoris, and isn’t the one you want.

just subq stomach forget the quads bro!

VG shots for me, no nerve or veins to deal with

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