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Pulsing Test Suspension


So I've been throwing this idea around in my head for about a week or so ever since Bushy mentioned something to this extent, and I thought I'd ask the experts on how feasible an idea like this is.

Now I understand that Test Susp. clears the system incredibly quickly, making it much harder to dose. However, what would happen if someone were to take it Pre and/or Post-workout only on days they lifted. Would they see any benefit? Would this help to avoid natural shutdown?

Now I've never taken steroids, nor do I see myself taking them in the next few years. However, one of the concerns that many athletes in my sport face is drug testing. Could this possibly clear a test since: A. most tests for AAS look at test to epi ratios, which this wouldn't skew and B. it's such a short acting hormone, that it could clear the system within 24 hours.

Sorry if this is clearly NOT a feasible idea. Just thought I'd throw it out.


I'd imagine that taking it a couple times per week would still amount to some level of inhibition, so your natural levels could be very low on rest days. I've heard some suggestions about using orals or test suspension in the morning so you provide less inhibition to your natural production, but I really can't comment on its effectiveness.

Two ways to pass your typical athletic drug test: use epitestosterone (if you can find it!) in addition to testosterone, or use test suspension as you will likely have some advanced notice. I haven't known many athletes at the college level to be drug tested, and the ones that have been were given about a week notice.

On a side note, there is a product called Steroid Cleanse that is supposed to work well. I don't know if it's hype, but it has blood test results posted on the website showing its effectiveness.


The short-acting orals in the morning theory works- at least to some extent. I take have taken dbol as a stand-alone like this for a couple 4-week cycles.

My gains were o.k. There was no crash coming off, I suspect my nuts were still working ok- in any case, I had none of the shrinkage I've noticed in my injectable cycles. I suspect suspension would work something like this- but, there's only one way to find out for certain though...


I've used Prop and now Susp at around 50-75mg every 3 days for 4 weeks cycles. Injections were usually done on training days with the susp before workout the prop I went whenever.

I can tell you that I had no shutdown and that I had some strength gains and excellent recovery. I could feel the slight doses working but there was no crash after stopping the 4th week.

I am a tested athlete and also I am not looking for huge gains in mass, just a slight edge.

In 2 weeks I will be repeating the prop but this time adding in IGF1 daily at 20mcg's and MGF every 3 days at 50mcgs.

Hope this helps.



So those Scholastic Bowl "athletes" are juicing now too, eh?

I also see that you fixed this typo right before I posted this, but still funny.


I thought I could get away with that one. Ironically I was never great at math I should add grammar to this list apparently.


Just out of curiosity, how difficult is it to obtain epitest?

Once again, not looking to take AAS yet, still too young. However, I'm curious about this aspect of dosing.