Pulsing Dbol During PCT

I just finished a cycle and the stasis part or the stasis-taper protocol. During the taper part I’ll already be taking Nolvadex, and I have some dbol laying around. During the taper, would it be inadvisable to take 30 mg of dbol pre-workout, in order to get some of my gains back?

I know it would be better to wait until the next cycle, but I have a deadline in order to compete in the right weight class. That said, this sporting competition is just for recreation, so it’s not essential that I increase my weight by 6 lbs in the next month.

But if it won’t jeopordize my health, I’d like to, so please let me know if this plan sounds safe. Thanks…

This is kind of a touchy subject. I have never tried this, but I plan on doing so in the future. The preworkout dbol would be best/safest at 10-15mg, only in the morning (hopefully you work out in the morning).

My reason for giving it a try would be that it would give me an extra mental boost in PCT.

I know Bill Roberts has written about even higher levels of orals used only in the morning not causing much suppression.

I hope more people chime in to this thread because I haven’t seen many posts about people who have actually done this.

I wouldn’t bother unless you are recovered… it is likely to hinder recovery IF you are suppressed.

Either that or stay on until you reach the goal which would be a more effective and simple plan.