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Pulse Increases While Bulking?


I'm bulking from 187 @10.5% bf, and when I started my resting pulse was somewhere between 55-60. Since I cut back on cardio work for the bulk, and have gained 30 lbs. so far, I assumed my resting pulse would go up, but it's gone up quite a bit. It's up to around 75...anyone else have any before/after numbers they could share? I'm curious if this is extreme or not..


Holy crap...just wikiapediad pulse...normal is 72? I don't think mine's ever been above 60, even when I was 12.


Hmmm well when I was 150lbs and a triathlete I tested my pulse at 45-50 BPM a few times. A couple years and +60lbs later I'm sitting at 70-75 BPM. I haven't really done cardio regularly over the last couple years aside from what I get from grappling and hitting the bag.
Makes sense for your BPM to go up just from weight gain, and dropping the cardio would help too.


I learned this the hard way as well. My only advice to you is do some cardio. Bulking ot not. it pays off health wise via lower blood pressure and RHR.