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Pulse Feast Without MAG-10


If someone were looking to apply the principles of a pulse feast or intermittent fasting BCAA, leucine, and WOF instead of MAG-10 and WOF, what do you feel would be an appropriate protocol? Obviously, this would not be as effective as the original protocol you recommend but this would be more economically feasible for me. I wake up around 7 and work out around 5-6pm.


Dude, you're probably not going to get advice about some other products on a Biotest site


But if you look under the store tab, you will find WOF, leucine and BCAA on this site. I never said I bought anything from somewhere else.


The dosing protocol for something like that would probably be somewhat dependent upon bodyweight (i.e. bigger person = greater protein/amino acid requirement). Also, amino acids have a quicker clearance rate than whole or hydrolyzed proteins and thus would require more frequent doses. You could try the following:

07:00 - Pulse #1
09:30 - Pulse #2
12:00 - Pulse #3
14:30 - Pulse #4
17:00 - Pulse #5 with 1 or 2 servings Surge WOF
19:00 - Feast

Each pulse is a combination of
Leucine (5 - 10g)
Creatine (5 - 10g)

Bear in mind this is just an idea. I have no idea how effective something like this would be for preserving lean mass/losing fat. So take this protocol with a grain of salt.


This may or may not get deleted, but there are other Casein Hydro products out there (may even be cheaper...)


You could just do a leangains style 16/8 intermittent fasting.. google leangains.


May be a bit late on this, but all you need for a pulse:

casein hydrosylate, leucine and you could use some essential amino acids too.

Shouldn't be too hard to get those.