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Pulse Feast Questions/Clarification


Alright, so I have just recently stumbled upon this Pulse Feast idea presented by Christian and it interests me a lot. I've tried Intermittent Fasting/LeanGains before. My biggest problem with that is that however is that your biggest meals/feasting are supposed to come within 8 hours of completion of your workout.

This is literally almost impossible for me. I work in retail and am scheduled 1pm-9pm 5 nights of the week. I wake up early in the morning(usually around 9am) and get my workout in on 4 of those days. Obviously its quite hard for me to feast for the next 8 hours after that and also my biggest meal is ALWAYS at around 9:30pm when I get home and have dinner with my family, which is usually a healthy dinner but very large(lots of meat, veggies and usually some rice or potatoes). Occasionally when they do have something more unhealthy i'll simply prepare my own meal similar to the usual.

So thats why this Pulse Feast interested me so much. So basically with this set up I can workout at 10am like usual and yet still be ok to wait till 9:30pm for my big meal?

The way I have it thought out is to do like this:

10am = Workout

2pm = Pulse

6pm = Pulse

9:30pm= Feast(Dinner)

I was also wondering if it would be beneficial to break the "fast" at 8pm instead with a shake and some almonds or to just wait till 9:30 for the big dinner?

Also since i'm kinda new to all the terminology. What exactly is Peri-Workout Nutrition? Is it what you ingest WHILE working out(like 15 minutes before-15 minutes after style)? If so currently for me I do 4 scoops of Sci-Vation XTend and 2 scoops of Sci-Vation VasoCharge(its basically the same as Xtend but with some caffeine, creatine mono and alinine for energy in it). Would it be ok to stick with this for my peri-workout or switch to the Biotest products mentioned in the main article?

Like I said these questions probably sound a little stupid but its mostly just clarification of certain things before I make a decision to try this or not.

Thanks for any help!


Hi Mike. I am actually starting pulse fasting and feasting this upcoming week, so I believe I have a few of the answers you're looking for. First, if you look at the original article about pulse feasting, there is a chart with I believe three different work out times (Early morning, Early afternoon, and evening, if I recall correctly) as well as a plan for non-workout days. In any of the cases however, the feast begins about 12 hours after your first feast. So in the chart, I think 7 am is the first feast, so 7 pm is when the feast can begin. And that is when the feast CAN be begin, you actually have about a four hour block to feast. This is where, depending on your goals, you can eat one huge meal, or two medium meals or whatever you need to get your calories in. I highly recommend you read the original article as it lays this all out in simple, detailed terms. Use the search function or if you cannot find it, I will locate it later. Bottom line is, fast with pulses until you get home and then go to town on your healthy food choices.

As far as peri-workout nutrition, it encompasses all aspects of workout time, so pre-workout, during workout, and post-workout. Many, many articles have been written here about it, however, again, CT lays out what he does for peri-workout in the original article. Re-read (or read) the original article and then feel free to post any follow up questions here. Hope you enjoy pulse feasting!