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Pulse Feast Question


1st off i think this looks very convenient and cant wait to try it.

my schedule is a little different so i wanted to make sure it wouldnt bother the diet.

i usually dont WO atleast till about 7pm because of a busy gym. with this schedule should i shift all the times around (1 hour later) a bit or leave the scheduling as is and keep my WO nutrion the same and when i get back home eat like i want.

  • just want to make sure my consumption numbers are right

would be about 2 bottles Mag-10 per week -59 servings (with the WO nutrition)
8 servings Anaconda
4 servings WO Fuel
(assuming i lift 4x/week)

also there doesnt seem to be any/much of any carbs in your WO nutrion. how do you manage?




The hours/consumption are not written in stone.

And why are you worried about carbs on a fast?


i'm worried about carbs pre/peri/post workouts, not during the day. thats a given.


I would suggest you re read then. He talks about peri workout protocol.


he uses 1 scoop WO fuel in his PW proto..... yes i have that listed in OP....

30g carbs isnt much...


Then, don't do it. It's obvious you are going to fail, as you do not believe in it.

Seriously, stop questioning and do. Work the timing for your work out, take two pulses a day, do the WO pulse(on WO days) and have your feast. The carbs are fine, the science behind is fine and it's been proven again and again MAG-10 works.



BTW, 1 portion of Surge=2scoops=64g. So, not exactly sure where you are getting 30g.


i believe in the article said he used 1 scoop. (and i was guessing at what 1 serving was.)

and if i want to question something before i drop $100+ per week i think i should.


You should have read the spill then

I personally go with 2 scoops of ANACONDA, 2 scoops of MAG-10 and 1-2 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel. (quote from CT)

Do what is best for you. 1 or 2 scoops. Look at the results and go from there.

You didn't ask a question, btw, you questioned the program. BIG difference.