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Pulse Feast Options


I'm thinking of trying the Pulse Feast. I currently am on a six meal a day plan, consuming roughly 3700 calories with weight gain as my goal. Does anyone know, if I can take a hybrid approach and substitute the two Pulses for two of my meals? I don't know if I can eat 3000 calories after 7:00 p.m., but reducing my, "meals" to four instead of six sounds appealing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


how about something like pulse, solid meal, pulse, solid meal, pulse, solid meal?

i think the success some people have had on the pulse-feast indicates that the number of meals isn't that important, rather getting some protein every few hours and meeting your daily macros is what's important. some people swear by eating 6-8 times a day. personally, i prefer to only eat a few big meals a day with shakes or a small snack like cottage cheese or a handful of almonds if i get hungry between. find what works for you and go with it.


That isn't in any way the pulse feast. The fasted state is part of the plan.


Why dont you do it as written?

If you want do deviate, you are the guinea pig.

Let us know how it works out.

And where does it say that you HAVE to eat 3000 calories?


How about..no pulse..and save money? Stop being paranoid that you will lose muscle mass if you go time without food.


And if you can't figure out how to consumer 3000 calories after 7pm..that might be a problem man. I currently IF..my training days are around 2500cals..and I have a hard time NOT eating over..I typically don't even start eating until after I training so from around 6:30pm-11:30pm is when I'll eat. I wish I was allowed 4500cals or something in that time..


i never claimed that it was the pulse feast. i clearly said it was three meals and three pulses. he was looking for an alternative to eating all his calories in one meal, so i offered a pretty sound example.


He was looking for a modified version of the pulse feast. 3 spaced out meals and three shakes aren't in any way the pulse feast, at all. A pulse is supposed to be fasted and create peaks and valleys of amino acids. What you wrote was eating normal and also taking in some CH. They aren't pulses and you aren't feasting, and it doesn't in any was relate to the pulse feast. Additionally the pulse feast isn't done as just one meal.

You clearly shouldn't be commenting because you have no idea what the pulse feast even is.


You clearly shouldn't be commenting on anything because you have no idea how to read.

HIS original alternative was 2 CH shakes in place of his first 2 of 6 meals, which isn't close to the pulse feast either. The entire point of my posts was to indicate that there are numerous feeding strategies that people have found to be effective, which you clearly missed. I said "getting some protein every few hours and meeting your daily macros is what's important". Hell, I remember reading a thread where a guy was meeting his WEEKLY macros and having success.

I also said "find what works for you and go with it"

I never said "find out how long you need to be in a protein-sparring fasted state before you can feast so that we can please DoubleDuce who bitches any time people do any thinking for themselves"


Thread title "Pulse Feast Options"

Op's initial statement "I'm thinking of trying the Pulse Feast."

You could have absolutely said "don't do the pulse feast". But you didn't. You were relating it to the pulse feast. "i think the success some people have had on the pulse-feast indicates that the number of meals isn't that important, rather getting some protein every few hours and meeting your daily macros is what's important"

This statement is completely wrong. That isn't what the pulse feast indicates at all.

It actually indicates the opposite. That getting a steady stream of protein isn't important.

This would be akin to someone asking about a 5/3/1 plan and you laying out a Westside routine for them.

I never said pulse feast is the way to go, or that any off it worked or didn't work. I'm not saying something like you laid out is a bad way to go. But the guy asked about the pulse feast and you responded with a suggestion that is the polar opposite.


Please forgive me for reading past the thread title and the first sentence of the original post. Next time I'll try to ignore that the OP is looking a hybrid method (hybrid, Noun: A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture). I still am not sure how you are getting the idea that my original suggestion was meant to be the pulse feast. I stated that the pulse feast (one dietary extreme) has been successful. His dietary pattern was at the other end of the spectrum. What do the two have in common? Multiple servings of protein and daily macronutrient targets. So call my suggestion whatever the hell you want to call it; it's more than you have offered regardless. Feel free to continue this spirited debate throughout the weekend, but I will be doing other things that I deem more important than going into other peoples' threads to nitpick minutia.


Someone is butthurt. You related it to the pulse feast because you said "i think the success some people have had on the pulse-feast indicates that the number of meals isn't that important, rather getting some protein every few hours and meeting your daily macros is what's important".

Which relates your plan to the pulse feast in a way that is completely false.

You also labeled a constant stream of amino "pulses". What you suggested wasn't a hybrid because it didn't incorporate the pulse feast principals in any way. It doesn't have anything to do with it.

But go ahead and try to suggest a combo of 5/3/1 and Broz.


I don't get what's so hard... Either IF or don't. Simple. Whatever works best for the individual. Pulse feasting IS a form of IF..it's just slightly modified and I believe you'd get partially similar results by doing 10g BCAA "pulses" throughout the day (perhaps more frequently). But..don't include food throughout the day and call it something that it isn't.

I respect the pulse feast approach..but I still feel as though it's simply easier to not eat..train after some BCAAs..and eat from around 7pm to 1130pm. Repeat. If one must add pulses..do so..but really add more to that? Just eat 3 or 6 meals a day then and call it what it is.


Thank you all for the helpful comments and I apologize for not submitting sooner, as I couldn't find this thread. I didn't mean to start a battle, and everyone brought up very good points. I was looking for a way to get all of my nutrients in without being strapped down to 6 meals a day... almost Every day.
I know I need to continuously get my calories in to have a steady gain in weight, so the Pulse feast seemed like a viable option. I know a little about the Feast through what I've read, but is eating 3000 calories or so all at the end of the day,when your working testosterone stores are beginning to be depleted a lean way to go? I'm not a newbie, but this technique is very new to me, and I'm trying to learn. I think what I was trying to get across, is will my food intake interfere with the pulses throughout the day?
Thank you all again.


Read it again.

it explains the type of meal you should have depending on your goal.

No interference, if you do as is.