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Pulse Feast for Pre-Contest Diet?

Just wondering if anyone has ever used IF or the Pulse Feast as a pre-contest dieting strategy? Would it be optimal to try this approach, or is a conventional plan the best bet for a contest situation. I’ve had a lot of success using the Pulse Feast and HP Mass over the previous 5 months, particularly in holding/gaining strength and size while losing fat.

What do people think? Thanks

Honestly, if you do it you are probably going to be one of the firsts on this site that I am aware of. This has come up before, and the general consensus I see is that getting into contest condition is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and you are going to need every single thing in place to do it.

Not only that, but people want to do well in their contest, and very few of them (hell, no one yet that I know of) are willing to try an eating program that is quite a bit different than what people know for a fact produces results.

Having said that, if YOU are getting good results and can tweak the program to lose fat, I say go for it brother. If the worse case scenario happens and you start losing muscle, not losing fat, getting weak, etc… Just simply switch over to the “tried and true” techniques and continue on.

Let us know how it goes, no matter what happens.