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Pulse Feast - 3 Weeks In



I have been pulse feasting for the past three weeks and I have to say I am shocked at the amount of fat loss so far. I am following your advice and eating a big clean meal (chicken and an array of veggies) at night, followed by some berries and grapefruit.

I have found that about an hour later, I get lightheaded. Should I be increasing my fruit consumption or should I consume another meal? I am at 16% BF and trying to hit the single digits


I'd add another small meal at that time.


Just found the pulse feast 2 weeks ago, and I am all in. Loving it. Goal is to go from 20% BF to 9% BF, how ever long that takes.

Question: Do I need to track overall daily calories (like a regular diet) to reach my goal?

Reason for asking is am wondering if consuming too few calories could actually slow the fat burning. Wondering if it could put me in a starvation mode and slow things down, lose muscle...don't want to start that nightmare downward spiral.

So far I feel great except for some minor periods of difficulty concentrating during the day, but that is improving. What I love most is that I have plenty of energy for training, which I never have using straight carb restriction or calorie restriction.


Don't count calories, just eat the meal to meet your goals.

Add Power Drive for mental clarity.


thanks! Yes, I love Power Drive...it helps a lot.


@CT im at 12% bf trying to gain mass as well and im starting Indigo-3G doing your hypertrophy program. I loved the I Bodybuilder program had great results and Ive been doing body building for 3 years and am coming back from acl injury from football. With in my budget and goals would pulse feast work? My conceren and for asking this question is I know you need to keep your carb levels up on Indigo-3G. Am i better off doing pulses inbewteen my 3 solid meals like you would on a traditional diet.