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Pulse Fast/Feast Experience Been Like While Bulking?


i never really looked into or read about the Anaconda or MAG-10 products simply because of the price until now. i can honestly say that i am hyped about trying a pulse fast or a feast. im bulking right now and i plan on doing a pulse fast or a feast soon.

what has your experience been with either a fast or feast while trying to bulk? the feast would help me out tremendously on some days and i love feasting. a fast would be no problem. is it really as good as the articles say it is? i have for the most part of my life been fat. im just a little chubby now. and im trying to gain strength for the most part. should i go fast or feast? what results has your fast or feast yielded?


To me the bigger question is, is it discernibly better than regular IF/ or regular fasting and taking BCAA's


OP, I'm not sure what your saying at the end, its fast AND feast, not either, or... IMO, IF is on one extreme while eating every 2-3 hours is on the other. IF w/pulses would be somewhere in between, but still skewed more towards IF. I've tried IF w/pulsing but not long enough to compare results with IF, which I'm doing now. IF w/pulsing could be a better balance between growth and fat loss, but of course, that all depends on your goals.


what im saying is both the feast and fast use the MAG-10. CT said the feast can also be used for fat loss but i want to see if anyone has noticed any difference with a fast vs a feast for fat loss.


I used Pulse Fasts earlier in my dieting phase earlier this year and I would attribute a lot of my early fat loss to fasted steady-state cardio and pulse fasting.

That said, I have since adopted the IF (8/16) style of eating and I don't do full pulse fasts (because they kinda suck towards the end of the day.

I'm now using a pulse feast once or twice a week instead of a single day of pulse fasting.

I think the Fasting helped prove to me (psychologically) that I wouldn't wither and shrink to nothing by doing essentially fasting, it helped me adopt IF, to which I would attribute most of my more recent success.


as ive said many times before imo that the fear of instant catabolisam if you dont eat or shovel supps down your gob every 2 to 3hr's 24hr's a day is mainly down to the supp's companies aggressive advertising .