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Pulse Fast... but with Tren!


Before I even to begin to to explain what I am talking about, let me first say why I want to do this: I am a competitive powerlifter, and when dieting to drop a weight class my training often suffers because I simply haven't taken in enough food for our 2-3 hour training sessions. To fix this, another member here and I came up with the following solution...

Eat at or just under maintenance on training days, with normal cardio/conditioning, but fast 1-2 non-consecutive, non-training days per week. According to Thib's protocol, one would stop eating at 9pm the night before the fast, and resume eating at 9am the morning after, resulting in a 36 hour fast. The day of the fast, one would take MAG-10 and an assortment of other supplements throughout the day, but since I would rather spend my hard earned money on drugs, I refuse to take any of those. Instead, this is what I propose:

9pm, night before fast- Inject 200-300mg Tren A
9am, morning of fast- another 200-300mg Tren A
Drink a few shakes with BCAAs and chew a bunch of nicotine gum throughout the day, but otherwise don't fucking eat. Do some light/moderate cardio, no more than 30min. Because Tren A has roughly a 24 hour half-life, it should be active the whole duration of the fast.

Yes, this is kind of ridiculous, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work. And yes, I will be running Test, probably a gram or more. I will also probably pulse some oral throughout the day as well.

Just wanted to throw this out there, let me know what you think.


I should also mention that an alternative protocol we came up with would be 200-300mg Tren A night before, then 50-100mg Tren Suspension every few hours during the day.


What weight class do you want to compete in and what is your training weight? It seems like carb cycling may be a good approach for you.


The theory behind the Mag-10 Pulse Fast is that the very fast acting protein creates a peak and valley amino response that is very anabolic - and it really curbs hunger somehow. It probably costs around the same as the extra drugs. You can try it either way, or better yet, try both some time.

I'm amazed that the hunger is very manageable, and the day after the fast, I've got no intense cravings, it's easy to eat at maintenance or even slightly below. 2-3 days after the fast the muscles really do seem filled up. On the day of the fast and the one following it you're flat though.

IMO, try it both ways. The drugs will help with maintaining the muscles, no doubt, but I wonder about the hunger/concentration issues.


I compete 198/220/242. Normal walking weight 230. Would like to get to around 215 so I am within striking distance of 198. I have done carb cycling plenty of times, and it works, but it makes my gear fit different day-to-day and I become inconsistent. Some days I will be 224, other days 230, and that is too much. With this method, my weight would probably drop from 230 to 224, but by the time training comes around the next day I would likely be back to 228-229.

But mainly I just want to do this as an experiment and wanted to know what people think.


I like to keep my supplementation simple. Really simple. Normally all I use is protein and dextrose powder, but sometimes I will throw in creatine and BCAAs. Oh, and stimulants. I would rather skip all the ridiculous hocus-pocus and stick with drugs that I know work, and not worry about setting my alarm every 2 hours. And my hunger will be fine, have you ever used nicotine gum? Curbs my hunger for several hours.


Tren blows away my appetite usually, so that seems reasonable enough actually.

Combine it with ephedra and dip or nicotine gum and I dont see there being an issue with severe hunger.

Would not do cardio, sitting around with tren and ephedra in your system youll just smoke fat, running about your still going to smoke the muscles.

Not what I would do, but I dont see too many glaring flaws in it, cept that it might not work as well as you think.


I've actually thought about this idea as well and it seems to me that most (not all) of the weight lost on the pulse fast is going to be glycogen. Which as you know from your carb cycling can impact your training strength. The gear should help to keep you from losing muscle mass but once you start eating normal again a few days may pass and your glycogen stores will be back. All in all I like what you have proposed. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out!