Pulse Fast at Work Logistics

Hey all, I’ll be starting a new position next week. My schedule will be a little off though and I’ll be working on days that I had off in the past and that I was doing the MAG-10 pulse fast on. Question for you guys who do this at work, how do you work out the logistics? Make a big batch and keep it at your desk? I’ll be working in a lab with lots of “special” chemicals, so I’ll probably want to keep food/drink in another building. How do you guys manage your pulsing at work?

What’s your goal, fat loss? If so, screw the pulse. just fast. google “leangains” for a good overview of how to apply intermittent fasting for getting lean. 16 hr fast, 8 hr eating window.

I would fill a nalgene bottle at home in the morning. Then refill in the afternoon at my desk. I keep a supply of ANACONDA, MAG-10, and Liquid Flavoring in my desk.