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Pulse Fast: 3-4 Pulses/Day?


Does anyone know why CT now recommend 3-4 pulses a day, instead of the former 8-10 pulses ?


Where did he mention that? You could always, like, ask him directly.

It's possible that he's doing a kind of "modified" intermittent fast or pulse feast, having a few pulses throughout the day and then some solid meals over the course of a few hours.

Actually, that sounds pretty much like what he describes here, in the LiveSpill appropriately titled "An Experiment":

If there's anything Thibs has taught us over the years, it's that training and nutrition theories are always being tweaked. That doesn't at all mean that previous recommendations are invalid. If anything, it reinforces the idea that no single concept is the be-all, end-all solution.


from his latest spil
9. Pulse fast: I strongly believe in fasting... either intermittent or 'normal'. I recommend 1 day a week of pulse fasting (MAG-10 3-4 times during the day). It helps control fat gain when you are on a mass phase (and you get a big anabolic rebound the next day) and also speeds up fat loss when you are trying to get ripped.

And I did ask him, but no reply, and I know one should never ask CT the same thing twice


The Pulse Fast write-up:

Dr. Lowery's take:

The original Pulse Feast write-up:

The Pulse fast is a fasting day with pulses of the MAG-10 to prevent muscle breakdown during the fast. The frequent pulses are designed to keep one out of a catabolic state during the fast since you don't eat during the entire day. This is done as part of a maintenance or even fatloss strategy more so than an outright mass gain, though it can be done as part of a 'clean bulk' to help keep the body sensitive to insulin.

The Pulse Feast is a strategy where one takes 2-3 larger pulses to stimulate growth in the presence of the excess calories consumed during the night before while still keeping the body sensitive to insulin for the postworkout stage. It is part of a mass gain strategy.

The best way to sum it up is the Fast is for overall insulin sensitivity during the week, while the Feast is for daily postworkout sensitivity in the face of stuffing your face. As CT pointed out, it works best for those who can not eat for a while, but once they start, they can't stop so easily.


Regarding the 3-4 pulses, that works best for someone who can just not eat, some people will find it is too long in between and need the more frequent, smaller doses, this is discussed in the Pulse Fast write-up.


Ty, fully understand, that why my confusion, when he wrote the 3-4 times in the pulse fast context, but thank you for the reply


Any ideas about how high I can go with the carbohydrates the day after a pulse fast, in a fat loss phase ?


Depends, likely around twice normal, but it also depends on how much you are looking to lose fat, CT's recommendations are for mass gain phases I believe. Try asking Chris Shugart in the livespill.


im new to this style of eating. My question is, after my workout i know i feast but do i aim to get all my macros in that i need for growth? Im trying to add muscle mass and i want to try this approach for it is a lot easier to diet this way with my schedule. I normally get 300g pro, 400g carbs and whatever fat in a day. (fat is not high but medium) Should i try to get all that in during my feast?