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Pulsating Headache While Training


hi guys,
ive been lifting for around 2.5 years.
after following 5x5 training for most part i recently switched to dc training.
hardly a week into this routine n im feeling pulsating headache while lifting and it keep increasing in intensity if i dont stop the exercise!

even after 4-5 mins rest it is there in the background....n starts again when i go back to workout.
its really frustating. i just finished smolov base cycle, so its not that im unconditioned!
i even took asprin before workout...but it didnt help.

funny thing is im fine while deadlifting! no pain while dling....but while im adding plates to bar it comez back...n normal when im dling again!
so it seemz the only exercise i can do presently is DL.

u guys have gone through anything similar?
any tips will be helpful.


How strong are you? Still squatting around 130 kg? Still in a poorly equipped gym? It's usually recommended to be a little more experienced before switching to DC. And to have a very well equipped gym.

There's a pretty strong guy on this site that got an intracranial bleeding training DC style. Doc said he could get right back to lifting if he didn't hold his breath while lifting.


glad u remember me! :slight_smile:
hit 315 lbs after smolovbase cycle...cudnt start intense phase due to hip pain.
wanted to try something different...chose dc!
ya...breathing is one aspect...im trying different combination...breathing through nose...mouth..deep rhythmic...anything that would alleviate the pain!
just don't know how to make it manageable so that i can least complete workout somehow.
I've read other post related to it here ...most of them said it disappeared after few painful weeks!


I get this sometimes on heavy lifts or any straining.
If it starts at the back of your scalp and moves forward over your head till it ends up feeling like it's behind your eye it's probably caused by tight neck muscles.

Physios can fix this but basically you just stretch your head away while pushing a thumb into the muscles as they meet your skull at the back and sides. If the headaches aren't too bad you'll feel one start and move as per above to the eye area. If it's really bad pushing the muscle in the right spot will make you jump. Hold till the headache subsides.

If my shitty description doesn't help go to a physio.
If that doesn't help go to a Doctor. Who will probably immediately panic and get a scan because they worry about brain aneurysms (mine must have had a patient die, she freaked out).


Most likely exertion headache. Read this..... http://migraine.com/headache-types/exertion-headaches/


Sorry couldn't resist. But on a serious note, a good friend had an aneurysm while lifting and without a quick diagnosis and emergency room visit would have been really screwed. See a doctor.