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Pullups VOS Chad Waterbury

Hey everyone,
I was thinking about using Chad Waterbury’s VOS program to improve my chin up numbers. I can perform 3 pronated pullups and my goal is 10. 5’7 150lbs
here is a link to the article:

here is my plan based on the program:

DAY 1 Monday - Pullups 5x3 180s RI

Day 3 Wednesday - Pullups 8x2 60s RI

Day 5 Friday - Pullups 5x4 180s RI


Day 8 Monday - 4x3 180s RI

Day 10 Wednesday - 8x2 60s RI

Day 12 Friday - 4x4 180s RI


Day 15 Monday - 6x2 60s RI

Day 17 Wednesday - 4x3 180s RI

Day 19 Friday - 8x2 60s RI


Day 22 Monday 6x3 180s RI

TEST 1RM Friday

Basically I changed the program so that I could fit it into my weekday training, originally the program calls for every other day training but I cant on Sunday so I just pushed it to Monday, is that OK?
Also, the program calls for 80-85-90% of 1RM increasing each week for the 3/4 Rep Sets, do you think it would still work if I just used my bodyweight.
Lastly, do you think I should add the supplemental lifts as outlined by the program - if so, please help if not, do you think this is enough volume (only 4x3 etc… instead of 8x3 or 10x3)
I would really appreciate any help and suggestions especially from ZEB or other Chin Up gurus (or Chad Waterbury!) Thanks

Oh yeah - sorry I forgot to Elaborate
Right now, i’m just concentrating on bodyweight exercises - I perform dips, chinups, pistols w/jump and singleleg jumping bodyweight “deadlifts” for training.

Based on the fact that you can only perform 3 full pull-ups, bodyweight only pull-up variations will probably work.
But, don’t attempt to alter the program any further.

Hey thanks Dr Waterbury,
I appreciate your response and help. Yeah- i remember reading on T-Nation how coaches hate when trainees change programs and “claim” they dont work, so I won’t change it any further. I hope to reply back again soon in a month with some good results.
Thanks again!

(btw, It would be cool if ZEB could read/approve too as I know he’s an EXPERT on chinups).

Please, I don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Chad Waterbury. He is a well establised, well educated strength Coach. I’m just a anonymous screen name on a message board. No, I’m not being sarcastic. The Coaches affiliated with T-Nation have dedicated their lives to the field of strength training. I am sure that Chad (and the others) wince when a newbie askes a question, they answer it, then the person states: “I’ll find out what so and so (another member) has to say”.

Sure, we all have opinions, observations that we have made through a lifetime of training. However, none of us (regular members) can compare to what T-Nation offers relative to the great talent that they have assembled this board!

I’m just a guy who has trained for a long time and found out what works for me and many others I have trained. And I happen to like doing Pull-ups (I also like the Clean and Press, what a great movement. That’s another topic). However, quite honestly I have not one shred of “science” to back up any of my claims. I just happen to enjoy helping others if I am able. Let me also add that there are plenty of guys around who can blow me out of the water when it comes to doing Pull-ups/Chin-ups (especially lately).

I have been wanting to make that statement for quite a while. Sometimes we forget the talent that surrounds us here. Good to remember these things now and then.

With that said, I think you would be well served doing some negatives at the end of two quality sets of Pull-ups. Do only two sets of negatives as they tend to have a very powerful effect on the body and you don’t want to over do it.

Don’t go to failure. If you can perform 4 reps but fail on the fifth, end it at four. When you are finished with your two strict sets wait about 3:00 then perform your first set of negatives. Three or four reps should do it. You should take about :10 to lower yourself from the bar. climb right back up when you are finished and go for another rep. Wait another 3:00 then perform your second and final set of negatives.

That will give you a total of four sets, including the negatives. Do this Pull-up routine three times per week for 6 weeks, Then test yourself for a one set max. Also, make sure that you train Pull-ups first in your routine. Always train them when you are fresh, after a good warm up.

At the end of six weeks there are other things that you can do, and ways to shake up your Pull-up training.

Let me know how you are doing if you like. Otherwise, read up on the T-Nation archives. As I stated, any one of the Coaches on this forum can help you a great deal more than me, or any other “regular” member.

Good Luck,