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pullup ladders


For those of you have incorporated them into your training, what kind of benefits did you derive outside of sheer endurance in the exersize. How are they for hypertrophy (I imagine the result would be similiar to CW's 100 reps to Hypertrophy regmine), and did it translate to added strength when you moved to lower reps and added weight. Also, how often did you use them, every day?, every other day?


What I wouldn't give to have such an apparatus.

A major benefit of ladders is that, for at least a moment, they're a unilateral power exercise. A single limb is forced to take the entire bodyweight burden, which can be thrilling for hypertrophy in the context of so much volume.

If you're ambitious:

3 sets
60 seconds/set

-Ascend as quickly as possible
-Descend at half that speed

Performed every third day.



Thats not exactly the type of ladders I was talking about. I was talking about where you start out with one rep, rest, 2 reps, rest, 3 reps etc, all the way up to a few short or your max and then work back down again.


Both would be valuable in attempting to improve chinups.

However, ladders (1-2-3... etc) will do very little for making you a stronger chinner. They'll sure help with your endurance.


:~) My apologies.



how effective are they at putting on size.....


Sounds like a "fun" way to say to do a lot of volume.


They are great for hypertrophy. Pavel Tsatsouline made these very popular and many martial artists use them for endurance and adding mass. Be forwarned though, they will actually sap your max. strength in the pullups so use them based on your needs.


why do they sap your max strength...just because you arent working the CNS in the same way. I assume If i do ladders, and then go back to normal low rep work I should be able to very easily get back to my previous max correct?