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Pullup Chinup Q


How does that work? Pullups are palms facing you???? Which one targets your lats more? I'm trying to fix a muscle, um, deficiency in my lats, I don't train them enough.


Chin ups are with a supinated (palms FACING you) grip. Pull ups are with a pronated (palms AWAY from you) grip.

I believe pull ups will hit the lats a bit more while chin ups will hit the biceps a bit more.


I believe jtrinsey is correct. Pull ups take the biceps out of the action, requiring more work of the back.


One thing I would advise when doing pull-ups is not to go past 90 degrees of elbow flexion. More than that and you can potentially set yourself up for injury.


Really? I have never heard that before. I just tried that and with elbows at 90 degrees flexion my chin was 8-12 inches below the bar.


Why would this be? You aren't getting the full range of motion.


I havent seen many bodybuilders use a full range of motion in any of the vids Ive seen.. . they all seem to have huge lats.. . it cant all be genetics and drugs. ..


How would you set yourself up for a potential injury? Getting a full range of motion is best when doing pull-ups, so go all the way down, I don't know why you'd think otherwise.


this statement is completely incorrect. a full range of motion is how you PREVENT inuries.... if you only do a partial range of motion you'll accumulate muscle imbalances...


wow! i really would like to know where you got this information, or who fed you this lie. all my i have never had a trainer, physical therapist nor any training book or website provide such inaccurate information. don't you think the guys in the military who are required to x amount of pullups would stop at 90 degrees of elbow flexion.

full range of motion is the only way to prevent injury and increase size and strength in the lats.


Hmm... Elbow flexion was definitly the wrong phrase to use now that I think about it. It could just be me, but if I bring my chest all the way to the bar doing wide-grip pull ups it definitly puts too much stress on my shoulder joints. It is the same reason why I think athletes shouldn't do upright rows or go past 90 degrees when doing dips or to do wide-grip pronated lat pulldowns all the way to the chest. Too much stress on the shoulder joint. Especially if that athlete is a pitcher, volleyball player, quarterback, etc.


sounds like you might not be retracting and depressing you shoulder blades at the top, I know that it's uncomfortable and just feels wrong if my shoulders are uparound my ears when doing chins/pulls.


I do have a tendency to lost that tightness, especially as the set goes on. I know I am also a little paranoid about the health of my shoulder since I've had problems since sophomore year of high school. Volleyball is not exactly a sport that is condusive to healthy shoulders so I am always conscious of aggravating that injury in the weight room.




You said it. 'Wide grip pull ups'. Use a narrower grip if it hurts your shoulders. Full range is always the best way. All of the athletes you mentioned have to move their joints through a full or even longer than normal ROM so to then have them only train with abbreviated ROMs would make them MORE likely to be injured, not less.


That is a good point. I think I am mostly just wary of wide-grip stuff, sometimes too wary. In high school I used to do wide-grip pullups all the way to the chest and bench press with my elbows flaring out and I had a lot of shoulder problems. Since I've cut out the wide-gripped pronated stuff my shoulder health has been so much better.