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Pullup Bar

I’m looking to buy a pullup bar for my room so I can do em more frequently, one of the ones that fits in a doorway. Can anyone recommend a sturdy, hopefully not too expensive one, and where to find it (online order would be ideal)?

Amazon.com. What don’t they carry?

Nah, checked there, not what I’m looking for (costs a hundred fifty bucks too).

Obviously you wont be doing weighted pullups so here is a tip for you.

Open your door and drape a towel over the door, now do pullups on the door. these are great as the force you to use a thumble grip (unless you are a freak that can wrap their thumbs under a door in which case make a living with the circus), you will learn a good groove.

It shouldnt cost you a thing which means you can buy some supplements from Biotest.


Simon, thanks for the tip, but I found a decent bar for twenty bucks, Amazon actually did have one too. Once I can get 15 strict pronated pullups (10 now) I’ll start tinkering with other grips and maybe do towel chins for the forearm/grip benefits. But thanks.