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Pullovers for Upper Pec Mass


Has anyone done these for building mass for the upper pecs? I have certified bitch tits largely due to the fact that my shoulders overpower my pecs for any pressing for the slightest incline. Also, if anyone has any techniques they would like to share that they did to bypass this problem then please let me know!


To target the pecs, you'd want to use a straight barbell and use a grip a little bit wider than shoulder width. It's not the best way to fix your problem though...

It's risky to go heavy on those and they will only take you so far due to loading issues. Since you mention your shoulders taking over on incline or flat bench press try decline press or dips. Since your pecs are higher than your shoulders, they will bear more of the weight.


Can't see how these can help with upper chest, unless you hold the mid position and do a static hold?
incline change activation a bit, but IMO its mostly a mind-muscle connection thing, which requires a lot of training for the body to learn to that part of the muscle.

Something that helps me is thinking about flexing the muscle, taking the triceps out of the movement. Think of pushing your hands inwards (trying to crush the bar), instead of the powerlifting tearing the bar. You can lift much less weight that way, since the triceps get of of the movement.


Interesting. Yeah I just happened to try doing them today (well, technically last night) but because I was holding just one DB my hands were closer together, therefore making the squeeze much easier. That, and the added stretch really seemed to hit the upper pecs. I'm gonna give what you said a go too.


Honestly, that doesn't really make sense... triceps, lats, delts are the groups i feel working during pullover. Check your form.


dont forget lower pecs; just raise your arms that way and look at the mirror, what stretches.


I second xilinx with muscle mind connection, I did the plate squeeze presses (@3:05 in the vid) before I bench and it helped for me


I've noticed that a lot of people has difficulty actually lifting with their chest muscles because of a couple of performance issues. As someone whose delts definitely overpowered his pecs for a long time, these would be my suggestions:

-Learn to squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep them like that during your pressing movements
-Don't let your shoulders roll forward at the 'top' of presses
-Press your weight (DBs or BBs) in a slight arcing manner to really target upper pecs
-Don't press to full lock-out
-If all else fails, and it really is a strength imbalance problem, incorporate some type of pre-exhaust work



i really think low incline dumbell presses and incline bench in a smith bringing the bar down to my neck has really helped me in that area


It depends on how you do them...using a DB vs an EZ bar vs a straight bar is all goign to target different muscles.


Plus arent certified bitch tits an aromatase issue?


Pullovers don't hit my upper pecs at all. Triceps, Lats and if I do them on a cable machine I can finish with a nice lower pec contraction.

For upperchest, do some form of incline work and consider supinating your hands as you press.


Either way, unless the OP is carrying a whole lot of muscle, there is a way higher chance of him carrying more fat there than anything else.

Pull Overs are not an upper chest exercise.

Incline presses are you handle that. Why make shit complicated?


I think OP feels upper pec like how you feel the stretch on the upper pec doing hand behind head pec stretch. if thats the case, i can see pullover helping in that area but with shoulder open like that wouldn't be too safe.


pls, look at pg.6 (pratical applications):

"the incline press doesnt result in a greater activation of the upper pec than does the flat bench"


use a NARROW spacing on the incline to activate the upper pec...

I'm doing it ,it seems work but fight your ego as poundages gos down with a narrow grip,but this a BB forum so ....


Lol I'm pretty fat for my liking right now too.

I'm not trying to make it complicates, I just never feel it on the incline press.


That's not the incline presses fault. Thats your fault. You need to learn how to make exercises work, based on your individual biomechanics.

Simply sitting down, grabbing the bar, and pressing it up and down with no other thought doesnt work for a lot of people. Targeting relatively small msucles (the sternal head of the pec e.g.) requires skill. Develop better MM connection, effective ROM, hand position, bar path, etc.

Dont resort to exotic movements (a lat exercise), that have little room for progression, to do the job that something very simple and effective should take care of.


good post.


2 weeks ago,my casting buddy (his job: hammersmith,big&strong guy,big bones&lean) delivered me the power-rack,we made a chest session togheter, just 3 sets of incline bb press we used same load,he just did a little bit less reps with less form.
he was wondering we used same loading on incline.....the day after he phoned me " Mike,my SHOULDERS are on fire" my reply " dude,my upper chest is on fire!".

so my guess is ; if you wanna hit a lagging part hit it smartly.


Most guys that have trouble targeting their chest are using more weight than they should and also really bad form.

Too narrow a grip and pressing the bar from their necks. Not going deep enough either. Staying in the top 1/3 of the ROM.

Lower the weight considerably and widen your grip. Press to your nipples while squeezing your shoulder blades and you should be able to feel it more.