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Pullovers: Chest, Triceps, or Lats?


whether with a BB or DB is this a main chest, tri, or lat exercise?


It depends on your elbow position and whether or not they are bent. I would say mostly lats either way.


When we do them it's with our upper backs lying across a bench and done with a dumbbell. Lats and triceps work heavily on the lower part of the stretch. However, when you bring the bell up over your face and then chest you can get a good squeeze and really feel it hit your inner pecs (cleavage).



I'd say all three, but these are really worth doing because of how well they hit the serratus anterior.


If you do the movement with your elbows mostly locked. It would be primarily a Lat movement. There is a point where the line of force is directly above your chest and the activation will move slightly on to your chest. You shoulders and triceps are also going to be involved in the movement and will get some stimulation.


If you want an INSANE triceps movement that most don't do often use a bent arm dumbbell pullover like this... http://youtube.com/watch?v=-8AKsPe_6QM

If these feel uncomfortable(bad pain) don't do them, however if you can do it pain free I think you'll enjoy them very much.

The first time you do these your triceps will have a deep down soreness for days. It's a compound movement because you get assistance from the lats and chest so the site nazis won't yell at you either :wink:


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For me, it's a pectoralis minor and lat exercise.


Indeed. I do a version of this with a close grip on a loaded EZ curl bar and when I get stuck I have my daughter push me up to pressing position and get a few close grip benches at the end.