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Pullover Probelms


I cannot seem to get pullovers right. EZ bar or db's.

I feel a strange pullin in my armpits, doesn't feel natural. is that normal? I also dont feel like it's hitting any part of my chest or tri's.

I've watch 1000000 videos and read descriptions, so my form seems alright.


You may lack some flexibility or have a tight muscle or something or you could be trying to go too far.

If you are looking to hit your chest/tris, I think there are better exercises.

You really shouldn't go too heavy on these or you can hurt your tris.



I've heard this is also good for serratus development, that's mainly why I tried.

I'll probably just scrap it.


pullovers are mainly a lat exercise...your lats are located under your armpits which is why you feel stress there...



Free weight pullovers are inferior to HS or Nautilus pullovers.


OK. Thanks. Dumb phys ed teachers and their misinforming ways.