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Pulling Sled-Newby


i have recently gotten my hands on a primo pulling sled. i ahve read that these are excellent for rehad.strengthening the knees and before i go blow out another joint i would like to know of some experience out there.

im goign to start light as ive had both knees surgically repaired more than once already, its like walking on egg shells at times! ive got a big parking lot on my drive so im going to start there and see what happens. any advice would be excellent. im going to use a tow strap with my lifting belt and see how that feels, ive got 4" carabiners for attachements to the sled with O locks for more movement.


Backward sled dragging is great for the quads. Don't let your heel touch the ground. Stay on the ball of the foot
and get full knee and ankle extension at the end of the movement.

It's pretty difficult to have weak knees if you have strong quads.



Dave Tate had a good article about sled dragging basics a long while ago:

Start light and either go for distance or time. One variation I like to use is, rather than attach the rope to a belt, hold it in both hands (you'll probably need two long handles/rope attachments for this) and walk forwards or backwards while keeping your arms locked straight down by your sides.

You're basically keeping your arms in a locked-out pressdown position, which engages the arms, shoulders, and entire upper body more.

Since you're looking to focus on your lower body, as long as you have the doctor's okay 100% for exercise, is to use all variations of walking: forwards, backwards, laterally, lunges, and varying speeds (eventually).


You've had knee surgeries... have you ever involved TKE's with bands in your rehab?


thanks all, im going to take it easy and see what happens! im stoked though! ive gotten quite a bit of research stored up, and yes ive got Tates info included. im not concerned as much with the upper body, im healthy there and dont have limitations, its the lower body i have to be careful with. to answer above, ive used some bads during rehab, but not much.

the best rehab ive personally found to come back with are single leg exercises with bodyweight, then very high rep light weight bar work once stability has returned. the problem is i have no articulate cartilage left in the right side, very little on the left, its bone on bone...