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Pulling Sensation in Lower Back

I’m not sure if this is the right section but I’ve been training for about 2years on and off. I made some good progress, but anyways I stopped for a year and got back into it recently and I’ve been getting a pulling sensation in what feels like my right spinal erector. The feeling starts about a inch above my glute and through the erector (closer to the spine), i dont feel it in my thoracic area.

The pulling doesnt ‘hurt’ but feels very uncomfortable in hip extension exercises, it definitely feels like some kind of imbalance… i had no injuries but i’ve been sedentary before I started to lift again.

Can anybody tell me what the issue might be and point me in the direction of correction?

weak glutes and core.

strengthen glutes and core.

hip thrusts, lying clams, stir the pot, side planks, bird dogs. Do them every day and as part of your warm up