Pulling Harness?

I was looking at Ironmind’s “Draft Horse Pulling Harness”. I have been pulling a heavy sled that has handles, but was thinking about getting a harness. Ironminds is priced at $219.95

Thats a shitload of money! Is there anywhere I can get a good harness cheaper? Also is their harness all that worthwhile?

Try a webbing tow strap. You can take 2 short ones and cross them over your shoulders like a ghetto harness. I have this one http://www.harborfreight.com/1-ton-webbing-sling-44847.html

APT also has one for about $70: http://www.prowriststraps.com/inc/sdetail/144855

It’s a little tricky to describe, but I made a harness out of a tow strap by tying the middle around a large quick link and running the ends back through the link. It makes two loops you can throw on like rucksack straps that way.

Have you looked into deer dragging harnesses?

thanks for the ideas guys! no I haven’t looked into deer harnesses but I will now.

[quote]EvanX wrote:
Have you looked into deer dragging harnesses?[/quote]
Most Deer Drag Harness’ are NOT made very big, Most might not be the right purchase for built folks. However, most can be purchased for under $10 so you could try it out without losing to much

Iron minds products are very good quality, that harness will serve you well and I have no doubt it will last many many years.

Do you have a buddy you could go halvsies with?

I would go with iron mind, quality is good

You might try tying a double loop bowline. I use that, although I dont go particularly heavy compared to you fellas, it is free to try if you already have a rope.

I clip a chain to the metal ring on my spud belt and use that as a harness for some drags.