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Pulling Guard


I would not do it on a plane,

I would not do it on a train,

I would not, could not, in a lane

unless my jiujitz was quite insane.

I would much rather try and stand

And punch the bugger, Sam I am..


Heh, I saw a guy try to pull guard in a fight the other night at a bar, they were on asphalt and the other guy just drug him around and slammed him on the ground a few times...pretty entertaining stuff, and largely ineffectual for the guy on the bottom as he got his ass kicked.


I think it is funny that so far only three people have a freaking clue as to what you are talking about :wink:

Pulling guard in street fight = BAD NEWS

Imagine if somebody wanted to walk up to him and kick him in the head as he was struggling to put a triangle on (or something like that)

I'd much rather take my chances stnding up. That way, if some guy wants to walk up to me and "kick me in the head" or something to that extent, I could move out of the way much easier.


You'd have to be pretty cocky or pretty dumb to pull guard in a street fight. A quick way to get your head stomped.

However if you end up there it's good to have some skills.


Ok so stop making everyone feel stupid and explain what the hell a "Pulling Guard" is when I read it I thought it was like Pulling Guard in football. Like where the guard pulls and takes out the lineback or the guy coming around the corner of the line.


Matt Furey made a tape about hooking heavyweights "without flopping to the guard."


... or simply try to raise a knee,

and break his nose with joyful glee;

or maliciously strike him in the balls,

and throw a soccer kick as he falls. [/lightpower mode]


I thought this was a thread about pulling Guard Duty in the military...


This might help:

Pulling Guard
Pulling guard is when you are still standing with your opponent and instead of going for a takedown you grab them and fall backwards bringing them with you. This will bring the match to the ground in a neutral guard position instead of a dominate position which may be obtained by performing a takedown.


I'm reading this post and curiously, the powerful image photo is off to my left.

I find myself thinking about thinking about falling backwards with her wrapped around me. Hmm.


Judging by her facial expression, I bet the little minx would give you some ground'n pound.


I didn't see the tape, but I have the "booklet" that he wrote. And you know...it's pretty darn good!


It really depends on the situation. I've been training for a while now and for the most part I could pull guard and either leglock or sweep most people I would encounter in the street (concrete or not). Now if he has friends, weapons, dogs etc the situation changes. I also wouldn't choose to pull guard unless I knew it was my best option. I'd rather get a little scraped up from the concrete than KOd or slammed!


I am very comfortable fighting from my back. That said, pulling guard in a street fight is retarded, unless you want your head caved in.

I would sooner hit them with a pool cue while they aren't looking. Or asleep.


I recommend fighting as dirty as possible, I'm not to proud to kick a bigger man in the nuts and run out the back, but if you must fight clean in a streetfight(I know there's no such thing as a clean streetfight) then take top and finish fast.


hahaha! Very nice.

The Furey video is um...o-k.

And yes in a fight I'd much rather go Wanderlei Silva on a motherfucker.

ie...Throw punches, clinch, throw knees, drop opponent/takedown, head stomp, head stomp, head stomp, head stomp...

Of course last night (really funny) I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into this guy easily 6'4, 330-350lbs (not exaggerating)...

Thank god he wasn't angry. He just said, "Sorry, excuse me"... and I squeaked or something.

I don't think I could go silva on him, or pull guard (hah)...And I can fight... but damn... what do you do when he almost double's your weight?

Well, I did have running shoes on thats one idea hah!


I'd flying heel hook a motherfucker so fast if i knew it was truly one on one.


The good thing is she's wearing boots, so Hedo could decide if he wanted to alow kicks to the head while on the ground!

Speeking of furies tape, has anyone seen Bas's "Lethal Street Fighting" DVD. It's realy good, Bas does an excelent job of applying MMA to a street fight. Limewire curently has it.



Pulling guard IN A STREET FIGHT is about the dumbest thing you can do. Chances are good when he landed he knocked the wind out of himself. More then likely this was a BJJ guy. They seem to think that their style will help them to avoid all striking and allow them to win. Unless Gracie is your last name, chances are you are wrong, and you are going to get your arse handed to you.

That said, most people fight the way that they are trained. He probably had a lot of success doing that in his gym and thought that would work for him. Just like most point karate syles think a flying backfist from across the room will end a fight. No, not only will it not end the fight, but your going to look like a complete fool. Train good, train hard, but don't train as if every fight your in is going to happen on a mat, or level terrain, or with rules.


Yeah but still, streetfighting would have to be your motherfucking job, one that you got paid well to do, in order to have "the guard" in your reptiore.

It kinda baffles me how one would want to take a street-barfight to the ground, where the concrete, steel toed boots, tire irons, chairlegs, pool cues, and high velocity flying objects like bottles, pilsners and street signs are that much more of a threat.