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Pulling From a Deficit?


Hey ya'll. I'm curious as to how much of a "deficit" there is when you deadlift with 35s as the largest plates on there as opposed to 45s? In other words, how much higher is the bar off the ground with 45s on there im comparison to 35s?

Secondly, how much will pulling from a "deficit" affect your numbers? Big difference, or small difference on average? Thanks guys!



Well it depends on the type of plates you have, if they are bumper plates they will be the same size, when it comes to metal plates they could be the same size and thinner, or smaller diameter and thicker. Why don't you measure the diameters of both plates and halve the difference, that will be your deficit.

I think a better way of pulling from a deficit is to stand on some plates or rubber mats with the 45s on the bar.

As for how much weaker you are, I think for every 2 inches deficit you lose about 5-10% of the load you can pull, but of course it depends on the lifter and where their strengths are, the bigger the deficit the more your lower back will be used, at least that is what I have found. Others may have a different opinion.




Yea, it really depends on the plates, and as for how much it will effect it depends on the lifter. For some reason I'm actually fairly good pulling from a deficit, and only lose 50 lbs from six inches up. (off of 475, so that's only a ten percent loss)


Pulling off 35's is the only type of pulling I do off the floor.That and sumo pulls also off of 35's.For the conventials I stand on a aerobic stepper that puts the bar on the tops of my feet with only socks on. I know them as zero pulls even though there's probably more names for them. I use these year round and have managed to get crazy benefits when it comes contest time and pulling off of 45's.
I tell everyone to at least try them for a while and see how it works for them.


Thanks guys. Good stuff here. Very helpful! I don't have any 45's yet (I keep forgetting to buy some...go figure). I have a bunch of 35s, 25s, and some 10s, 5s, and 2 2.5s.

Maybe I need to get a pair of 45s just for the sake of deadlifting. (I may be stronger than I think...heh!)


I've been doing a whole bunch of deadlifting from 35's for the past 2 months or so (I've tried using 25's a few times, but I'm 6'2" and it just feels like "too much"). One thing I've found useful is, every third workout or so, use the 45's instead, and test where I'm at. Could be worth trying, once you do get a hold of some 45's.

Oh, I'm sure you're plenty strong, you 'lil Iron Monkey. :wink:


That only makes you stronger pulling from a deficit. Plus the plates they use in competitions are even taller, usually 100 lb plates. That's even more of a relief when you step up and see that bar way up there.


Ha! Yes Bewater... yes... You "Alpha Male" you...(yeah, didn't forget about that little article you wrote and about the....errrrr..."morning wood"? HA!)

I need to buy me a pair of 45s it looks like. (nothing like busting out the dough for a set of new plates...woot!).