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Pulling Exercises Between All Presses?


In my current template, it says f.e bench 351 sets, 5 x 10 of pressing and 5 x 10 pulling filled with little sets of biceps and triceps.
But I’ve regularly seen Jim mention that he encourages doing some kind of pulling between every pressing set. So this also counts for the main 351 sets? I can do something like the following?
Bench warm up ss with band pull aparts
Bench 351 with rows
Pressing variant 5 x 10 ss with chin ups?

Another question, can I still add conditioning doing a 4 day split?

And lastly, are dips used as a supplementary or accessory lift?

Thx for the help


See this is the great part about 5/3/1, you can alter it as you wish. You can do your workouts that way as long as the main focus is still on the main lift for the day. You can/should have some form of conditioning in your program and don’t worry about what dips are listed as. They are awesome so do them. Hope this helps.

Dips are assistance. Supplemental work is extra work on the main lift or a close variant (close grip or incline bench, front or box squats, deficit deadlifts, etc).

Band pull apart.

So I can do like dips as a triceps assistance? As this also involves chest by a lot? Or would you rather say do Tricep push downs or other isolation and just throw in dips now and then when training went good and whenever I like? Dips are one of my fav exercises, and I don’t wanna neglect them.

It’s not “triceps assistance”; it’s pressing/pushing assistance. It’s about movements, not muscles.

Each day, you have pressing, pulling and single leg/core assistance work. Use whatever movements you need to achieve your goals.


Yeah the poster above me said it. Dips are a very efficient assistance exercise because they build multiple muscles. Being a body weight movement, they give you an excellent return on your time because they build good size and strength while not tapping into recovery too much.

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